Friday, September 05, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday {#5}

What a great sport this guy is! This picture CRACKS.ME.UP. This is Ethan (age 15) - my nephew. Last weekend we were there for a cookout and he was the most gracious host to his much younger cousins. Of course they loved the attention of the BIG KIDS (Ethan and his brother Landon) and while Ethan was video-chatting with his friends (how fab is wireless?)--they snuck up behind him and in stage whispers gave Ethan lines to repeat -- had us all rolling with laughter. "Efan! Say 'these are my hands!'" "Efan! Say 'do you like my headband?'" The best was when Landon taught the little ones how to use a "bendy straw" to make "armpit fart noises" --- that was worthy of at least 45 minutes of fun. "Efan! Say 'oh excuse me! I have to fart'" Oh yeah. Good times : )


Sandy said...

i got you a present!!!! well both of us actually...i tracked down some 'extinct' dymo woodgrain and bought 5 rolls!! i'm sending one your way when it comes (all the way from the UK). fun huh!!

Kristi said...

I'm going to have to do some research on this Favorite Photo Friday project, sounds like fun.

Thanks for visiting SayIt btw! :)