Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pretty Maids All in a Row... much you wanna bet my nieces will think I am referring to them as "cleaning ladies" rather than "maidens" -- 'cause you KNOW they won't get the Eagles song reference. Sigh.
But I wanted this for my title - only wish I could have found the dang Cheeseburger in Paradise business card or coaster that I snagged that day.....would have stapled it right onto the page!

Wasn't sure when to stop on this one...I think I went a bit overboard--but we'll see how the girlies like it.

Hugs to the pretty maidens! Thanks for being such pretty pretty princess subjects! xo


Niki said...

Oh so gorgeous girls - gorgeous layout ! I love it! I would never think to use notebook paper on my background! Love that! xo lala

cynthia said...

oh sooz you amaze me:) wow never too much. lovely.

Aimee said...

saw the link on the side- have you been designing with you kit? please tell