Sunday, April 27, 2008

All done!

Ahhhh....nothing like having something fun to do during the NFL DRAFT ENDLESSLY DRONING ON...(not there is anything wrong with that, if that's your thing, of course.)
So here is my APRIL 25th Scrap Your Day layout.

Notes to self for next time: TAKE MORE PICTURES! And pay more attention to the PHOTO PROMPTS (I didn't do enough of the "step back" for the landscape shots)....other than that....I am pretty happy with the first layout of this project!
Hey Cameron---I figured out a way to recapture some of the "hidden" pretty paper---back the photos in the "flip book" with the patterned paper - can journal right on it or just leave at as a pretty surprise (like that nice treat you get when the purse you LOVE has lining as yummy as the outside!)
Can't wait to see everyone's!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrap Your Day pages.....

OK! OK! I am sharing the pics of the pages I prepped for our "Scrap Your Day" project....note I have not decided on BINDING yet....maybe tomorrow I will figure that out!

Just slapped down some favorite patterned papers...just like Shimelle's sample (if it ain't broke, and all!)....How much do I love the new Daisey D papers?? Like watercolor/mixed media/collage pieces of ART! I could barely stand to CUT them!!

I didn't take NEARLY enough pictures yesterday! (Note to self for next month!) but I did get that damn alarm clock shot in.....

more shares later!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 25th Eve!

One more sleep 'til PHOTO DAY! I have my camera battery charged and memory card in place. (I really need to dust the bedside table before I go to sleep tonight if the first photo is to be my alarm clock upon awakening! Damn. How did housework get involved here?)
Finished putting my backgrounds together tonight....kept it VERY simple (totally scraplifted Shimelle's sample!) and am SO HAPPY I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING NEW FOR THIS PROJECT (so far)...looking forward to the "inside front cover" work....I am ready to GO!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scrap Your Day Project with Shimelle! Let's GO!

OK ladies,

  • I have trimmed my base pages
  • Downloaded the Photo Fact Sheet #01
  • and I am going to prep all my pages tonight as I watch IDOL (and hopefully that will NOT include watching BROOKE or JASON GO HOME!! NOT YET MY SWEET HIPPIE CHILDREN!! I love them! Let Carly or Sayesha go home first!!)

And...just how impressed are you that I have only spent $5.96 on supplies since returning from INSPIRED!?!? (Two Prismacolor colored pencils, a good pencil sharpener (the little silver metal kind), an a gum eraser.) I am DYING for all the pretty papers Shimelle is using on her project...but I am determined to USE MY STASH instead. Seriously. No really!! I mean it!!

P.S. Can somebody email STELLA and ask her to play with us? I cannot find her MOO CARD! STELLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Play Day! much for the mountain of laundry I had planned to tackle yesterday after my mid-morning appointment. (I did one measly load! Shameful!) I just couldn't PUT THE PENCILS DOWN! Kal Barteski.....can I say again how INSPIRED I am because of you?

So you are some photos of the ART JOURNAL I started in Stephanie McAtee's class at Inspired. Filled it in with the scraps left over from the textured papers I used for the 8x8 page swap (thanks, again, Justy for doing such a great job pulling that together!)....and when Rob got home from work I sat and doodled while we chatted and watched a few shows we DVRd this week.

ALSO - thanks to JILLIENE for the great idea to add the 8x8 pages to the INSPIRED workbook! Now I just need to add the photos and are a few shots of some of my favorite pages from the swap. (And yes...I punched each hole in each page individually--with help from DH on the really THICK STUFF.....then remembered I have a CROP-A-DILE NOW! duh!)

My hands are all inked up again. And that makes me grin. : )

And last but not least.....thanks, Aimee for the beautiful PAGE YOU PUT TOGETHER OF US!! It's in the BOOK already and now I just need to get the rest of our photos in there! I love you BFF!

Friday, April 18, 2008


How much did we LOVE Kal Barteski's class? How much do we love her TINY ART? ....these and Donna D's swatches are so inspiring to me right now. Last night I was too tired after work to really get going on a full-on project/creative session.....but I did sharpen all my watercolor pencils and started some mini-canvases of my own.... don't know if I will add them to my art journal from Inspired or use them as background papers for scrapbooking (likely not...why do I never do that?) or just make them individual works - maybe for cards or just inspiring words/phrases/thoughts to tack on my bulletin board. Lots of possibilities!

Love the CIRCLES and SWIRLS : )

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday KATIE!

Inspiring artist KATIE (Aimee's daughter) and the FLOWER BOOK she wrote and illustrated during dinner on Wednesday night! I love it! And how cute is that birthday icecream sundae?? (Cheesecake Factory --- great presentation : )
Thanks for sharing your Mom with me for an evening Katie and Robby! Hugs!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


OK...going to be LATE FOR WORK but needed to give a shout out to my inspired BFFs!

How about DONNA D and all those canvas swatches??? Does she NEVER SLEEP? I am still not UNPACKED....the laundry MOUNTAIN is overflowing...and yet all I want to do is play with my new colored pencils ("pencil crayons" for those Canadians tuning in!)...

So IDOL was on...I always doodle and keep a list of who sang what....and last night I started my SAVINGS for next year's Inspired event in this cute little HEN piggy bank that has been on my desk for eons....(dollar store find that just made me grin)'s to Kal Barteski showing me how to use the WHITE PENCIL CRAYON (overtop yummy is that???)

Staying INSPIRED. See you tonight, Aim!! xoxo

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well...turns out I barely took ANY PHOTOS AT ALL.....because we were too busy having a BLAST and CREATING ART! (because we are ALL ARTISTS! if you don't believe me....ask our teachers. They are professionals and they told us so!!)

Couldn't WAIT for work to be over today to come home and PLAY WITH MY PROJECTS some more....sorry I don't have more photos to share....I promise to post pics when all my projects are completed!!

In the meantime....a SHOUT OUT to all my fun new BFFs!! Love you ladies!
Now GO BE BULLETPROOF! (Photo is the canvas outside of Kal Barteski's class...LOVE HER WORK!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hey all! Saturday night is here TOO SOON! Having dinner then back to the ALL NIGHT ART FORUM from 8 til midnight.....then it is all over. Boo Hoo. Aimee and I had a BLAST and met lots of new BFFs....cannot wait to show you all our cool projects...but we did not take enough PHOTOS YET! Gotta make up for it tonight. But here are a few quick peeks......
Aimee and I and our new BFF Cameron (cute redheaded girl on the right!) with -- wait for it ---- THE CATHY ZIELSKI!! Love her. She is as FAB in person as she is on her blog.

These pics are from the STEPHANIE MCATEE "Transformed" class...Aimee and I loved having all PAINTED UP hands like REAL ARTISTS. Made a mini book/art journal out of two manila file folders....inks....paints...stamps...tape transfer techniques. Very artsy. This is my favorite page in the book so far. My cool new BFF Cameron said the INK DRIP was like "flatlining til you get to ART then coming alive again." TALENTED AND CLEVER girl! More later -- gotta go CREATE ART!