Monday, December 24, 2007

Almost here!

Packages are wrapped!! One more SLEEP TIL SANTA!
Merry Merry!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ode to the Pottery Barn Swedish House Pillows

Another step closer to my "holiday house" -- I sewed up two pillow covers out of two Pottery Barn Swedish House napkins last night....(backed with cheapie JoAnn Fabrics red fat quarters...which were not the exact right please don't look too closely at the goofy seams!) The napkins were hemmed on all four I used that as my "flange," sewed the red right up to the hem, and stuffed some old square pillows inside. Such a deal, eh? Napkins were $6.50 each, fat quarters were on sale for 99 cents each. (Pottery Barn pillow covers are $29 each!) Cha-ching! I loves me a deal!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Creative Cafe - part two!

More Creative Cafe cuteness!! This was one of the projects they were doing at MLPA last week at the Creative Cafe---they had ONE KIT left when I was there yesterday and I snapped it up - three dollars to make six napkin rings? I had to have it. I just may have to go back for more felt and flowers...oh the BUCKETS OF BUTTONS they have!! It really is like a candy store.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Creative Cafe - SO COOL

OK..whoever came up with the Creative Cafe is brilliant in my book! Stopped into my (not so local) LSS today - fully intending to ONLY get the items on my list (stuff to create some Tim Holtz-inspired tags -- have you seen his blog lately? SWOON.) and a "big ticket" item with my 40% off coupon ..... and I got there just in time for the Creative Cafe class!! (every Saturday - 12-2....oh my). HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE chipboard/transparency book? Only 6 dollars! All supplies provided. (You literally just stand there at the counter and create the project....) How in love with this BIRD am I?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sneak Peek!! Prezzies!

Loving the GRATEFUL journal Emily Falconbridge shared a few weeks ago--decided to whip up a bunch for Christmas gifts...having FUN stamping the NUMBERS--1 through 7 - to record a week's work of gratefulness : ) --- now that I have the paper/pages/tags/ envelopes/cards/ etc., all lined up for the first journal. LOVE that I am using up "scraps" and the "organic look" of it straight lines here to stress me out!

And so to bed!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Week 48 - Emily's Art Deck Journal

Wow...I am SO BEHIND on the Emily art journal....but this one was easy for me. The prompt was "IDEAS" -- I immediately thought of the brainstorm I had late Friday night...journaling reads: "Nothing is worse than a blank white page and a looming deadline. Nothing better than a great idea just in the nick of time! I had Lynne's 49th birthday scrapbook all done EXCEPT for the cover. What to put in the little window? And then a perfect idea! I created a miniature version of the invite! Perfect. Whew."

Holiday Projects and a New Tradition

I was strolling through Target on Sunday, killing time while waiting for my photos to be developed...and saw the Making Memories kits in the crafts aisle. Couldn't resist the Advent cute is this? Took about an hour to create....some rub-ons and precut patterned paper (lovely tiny prints....I want more of it!) and some embellishments. Love the little drawers--perfect little squares.

So I explain to my Jewish DH the purpose of an Advent Calendar - and how we could just use it to leave little notes to each other (a daily ritual of late) - because we surely don't need any CANDY! And yesterday--I came home to find a note next to the box, tucked into a new book that was on my Christmas list! How sweet! So into box #3 went the note. Won't it be fun to reread them all next year?

And then today....he came home from the grocery store with the December OPRAH magazine and a note! (Lovin' this new tradition! But I need to come up with some goodies to go with his notes now!)

Thanks, Lovey. xo

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Big Reveal!

At last I can post some pics from the scrapbook we made for my SIL's 40th! This is my FAVORITE milestone birthday gift to create/give. Start with a blank scrapbook/album (love the KOLO ones--perfect size and easy to add pages as they are contributed--tho' the books get a bit unwieldy when there are more than 20 pages....I should try a three ring binder style next time.)

First, create an instruction sheet and send to friends/family along with a blank page and some "starter prompts" (e.g., "Lynne Defined;" "Lynne's Favorties at 40").

I then do a few "all about you" pages - and fill in any blank pages (the backs of those who only do one side, for example.)

For the cover, I made a MINI version of the invite (so loved the way the party invites turned out---thanks again to JOURNAL REVOLUTION Seesters Linda and Karen for the inspiration!) are some pages....
The cover:

And the "title page":

And a pocket to hold the party invite, and the "Lynne Defined," "Lynne Dislikes," and "Lynne's Favorites at 40" pages:

My hubby's pages (for his sister)--he wrote the note, picked the photos and chose the patterned paper layout (I did the putting together....great team effort! I will make a scrapper of him yet!):

A few more...don't want to post without the permission of the creators...all the pages were different and sweet and thoughtful and loving and funny....(my nephews wrote the sweetest things for their mom --not to mention her hubby!! he did a whole page where he wrote "I love you" in 21 languages!....I'll ask if I can post them before adding them here....) - Oh--and the envelopes are for those who sent in notes to be included in the book.

Happy Birthday Prince and Princess!

December 1 is my nephew Landon's birthday, and his Mom's, too! (My SIL Lynne.) Lynne is 40 this year--so her DH had a fabulous bash for her last night....and family and friends all did pages for a "tribute scrapbook" for her - which was a great success!

The birthday Prince and Princess:

Saturday, December 01, 2007

journal your Christmas Day 1!

It's that time again!! Shimelle's first prompt arrived -- and I can't wait to get started! First---the MANIFESTO:

"I declare my intention to Journal my Christmas. Writing something down every day. Creating a little bit whenever possible. Getting my stories documented for myself and maybe for others to read too.

I hope by taking a little time each day to reflect, to write, to create, I will keep my Christmas alive and well, despite the commercial pressure that exists outside my door. Family, friends and hot beverages will help.

I may meet others taking this same journey. I may share my work from time to time. I may remember just why I loved Christmas in the first place, and that may be a very magical moment indeed."

And the photos are a few peeks at what my supplies and work area for this project look like - going with a non-traditional, bright colors theme (to start!) - lots of pinks and greens. (LOVING these Autumn Leaves buttons from the MOD Blackbird collection - used them on the 40th bday book for my SIL and just love the mix. How about TARGET is carrying this line? yummy!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Shopping Fun.

Fun afternoon with Mikayla and Jackie - as I joined up with them for the tail end of their Black Friday shopfest!! No luck for me at Williams Sonoma looking for a mark-down on that GLASS TURKEY TUREEN I have wanted since last year (actually last year they were red and smaller versions I think? Either way they went on sale a few days before Thanksgiving. All gone. wahhh.) But Target had a few items I could not resist in the DOLLAR BINS....yes, I realize I don't NEED any more wrapping paper. But it was A DOLLAR. ONE DOLLAR. $1. One. Dollar.

On to Pottery much do I want to do my WHOLE HOUSE done up for the holidays in their Swedish House theme? Red and olive and a mossy green. Yum. Can't see spending $29 on one pillow covering ('cause you need a bunch of them to do it right!), although I did consider spending $6.50 each on napkins to sew my own...but I passed. My sis and Mikayla did make a purchase and managed to get me an extra SHOPPING BAG - which is making me happy just looking at! I think I will use it to hold all my holiday wrapping stash when I have to clear a space off the table for oh--say eating breakfast?

Seriously, yummy is this bedroom?
Or this one? (except without that scary pair of crows lurking ready to peck your eyes out in your sleep. What the?)

Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy BLACK FRIDAY to all. A few shares from the Thanksgiving Holiday---we had the best few days....on Wednesday: NYC for Young Frankenstein and a fab lunch at Ruby Foo's:

And a perfect Thanksgiving day cooking together - (I got to play Gordon Ramsey, Lynne was the pastry chef, Rob the sous chef, Eth and Landon were busboys and prep staff, and Lar was the wine steward, maitre d, and bird carver. Hee hee) Seriously---we made a great team....and had a great time doing it. TOO MUCH FOOD as always---(*Note for next year: buy a smaller turkey or invite more people!)