Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WASSMA! Art Deck - Week 12

Aimee's prompt this week is "FIRSTS" -- and how appropriate that just the other day Stellaaaaaaa! and I were talking about our first scrapbooks. I distinctly remember mine. 100% dedicated to SONNY & CHER. Through the years, I had several versions....but the first was done on the old-fashioned black scrapbook paper - three hole punched pages. Ohhh I LOVED CHER! I saved every photo and article from the newspaper, TV guide and fan magazines. I carefully cut them out and pasted them onto the pages....using construction paper to create titles. I wish I still had those pages---but I didn't take them with me when I moved out of my mom's house and somewhere along the way she pitched them. (OUCH. Note to MOMS: DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR KIDS' JOURNALS OR DIARIES OR SCRAPBOOKS!)

So this card is my ode to the first scrappies I created...back in the 70's of my IDOL, CHER. One of these days I am going to recreate my little Cher shrine (yup. I still save pics of her when I see them in magazines! silly, I know.)

Seriously---how cool was she? I would SO wear that jean jacket (still today!) and OHHHH how I wanted those SHOES. {BTW...I had both of these TV Guide covers in my collection....and I studied the pictures so closely that I remember realizing that these shots were from the same photo shoot even tho' the two covers were published THREE YEARS APART. (Yeah...disillusioned again!)}

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