Sunday, March 29, 2009


(Edited..oops! this is WEEK 41, not 42!)

Only eleven weeks (not ten!) left in our DECK! Wow.

OK...this week's card is inspired by my PLAYDATE (Wed) with AIMEE (Aim, how did we NOT take any pictures???). It went by TOO FAST and made me wish we were next-door neighbors so we could spend more time together laughing, shopping and creating. And then Miss Katie (Aimee's daughter) was home from school and we chatted about her American Girl Doll (Julie) and her upcoming trip to NY to the American Girl Store....and it reminded me of playing dolls with my BFF when I was a little girl (Angie Smith, I miss you!) - especially the hours of fun we had playing with PAPER DOLLS (and making our own clothes for them--Angie was a way better designer than I!)

So...this prompt is "WHAT FUN THING (or PERSON) DO YOU MISS FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD? {Seriously -I really miss paper dolls!}

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WASSIMA Art Deck catchin' up - {Week 36}

Oh I loved Aimee's prompt for this one! "Use a spring ad" to create your card. EASY. Just pick any page from the ANTHROPOLOGIE catalog and I will take one of each, please and thank you!(sorry for the crummy scan!)


(and um, yeah, that Spring Cleaning thing, too. Right. I will get on that. Soon.....)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I keep coming back to comfort and nostalgia lately. This week's prompt is an Ode to MILK & COOKIES.

Lately, Rob and I have been baking mini-batches of cookies (what says "comfort" more than the smell of fresh-baked cookies? Not to mention that first bite, still warm from the oven? And nothing is better than seeing Little Miss Sirryha indulging in a bit of chocolate goodness! Surely no other toddler chews his/her food so cutely? Surely. hee.)

And last night, we had dinner out with my sis- and bro-in-law, and R's cousins Jill and David at Bridget's Steakhouse in Ambler. YUM-O food and good company---we don't get enough of these moments together lately! And the perfect ending to our dinner was the chef's interpretation of MILK & COOKIES for dessert. (A glass of vanilla mousse for dipping your stack of chocolate chip and sugar cookies in! SINFULLY DELISH!) Sorry I don't have a photo to share! (Really sorry that I didn't pack up the last two to bring home!)

And with those thoughts in my mind this card came together quicky. Collage bits are from my Art Journal 102 class with Dina Wakely & the Elmo pic cracks me up every time I see it (Sirryha tries to feed her "faux" cookies we made for her kitchen to every human, animal and dolly in the house!).

Here's wishing you a happy Sunday! (Off to the mall to meet up with Jackie and in hand, as requested by Miss M!)


Monday, March 02, 2009


Or so I WISH! Seriously...I wish I were snowed in for a WEEK so I could play with my inks and paints and papers! (Sadly, today is only a two-hour delay...but I am not BUDGING until our roads are cleared.)

After drooling over her work in Somerset's Artful Blogging, I couldn't resist, and I treated myself to the DINA WAKLY ART JOURNALING 102 class.

And every spare minute has been about this:
Loading up my art journal pages with layers of textured gesso, acrylic paint and spray-on ink.
...And altering photos: (this is simply a B&W print, scratched with sandpaper. I need to get some photocopies (not inkjets!) to try some gel transfers and painted portraits. Oh me. oh my.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

WASSIMA Art Journal Prompt {Week 37}

(yeah...I know I still owe for WEEK 35! stay tuned!)

This week's prompt is: WHICH MONOPOLY PIECE WERE YOU AS A KID and WHICH WOULD YOU ASPIRE TO BE TODAY? hee. silly I know...but it occurred to me when I saw this as a writing prompt ("Which monopoly token were you when you played the game as a child?") that I still want to be the IRON or the THIMBLE, and that I always did.
See there? Even as a kid my mind was on crafting and creating. Only now, I am calling it "my art." (Sort of. Not really out loud in front of the teacher or anything. hee)
Card to follow!