Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double Shot Espresso Energy Drink is to blame!

.....for my being awake until 3:30 a.m. last night (this morning). But I got through a few hours of taped TV shows and gathered up all the PURPLE I could find in my immediate stash surroundings and this is the result. Posted it to SIStv for the weekly Fashionista Challenge.

Not a big fan of PURPLE PAPER for layouts....but somehow I have acquired quite a bit of it (for specific projects and for the nieces, of course!) - so in keeping with the spirit of the challenge to 'use a color you normally wouldn't'---I went PLUM CRAZY (oh yeah. had to say it.) and slapped on all the PURPLE bibs and bobs and bits and pieces I could lay my hands on (well...without venturing too far away from my current corner crafting sector....that is, I did NOT venture into the belly of the beast that is the BASEMENT and start rooting through all THAT.)

I kinda like it! Not the 'purple crayon' color so much- but all the berry and plum colors out right now are calling to me. (Have you been in Anthropologie lately? PLUM YUMMY.)
Also -- I've taken to journaling on the backs of my layouts, too, when I don't have room on the front and/or when I don't want to post the "too personal" stuff. (Also leaves something for family and friends to find when they look through the actual scrappy books--rather than the online images.) I like Ali's idea of "love notes to the future" and the hidden or extra journaling tucked away appeals to me.


amy said...

holy cow girl!!! you're on a creative roll!!! i can't believe how many things you've gotten done....i guess you have way met your goal of creating something everyday.

Sandy said...

ah ah!!! see, we think alike, we do. go look at the thread on sis and check out my comment....hee hee. ugh. purple. you made it lovely though! (-;

cynthia said...

your genius about the secret journaling:) Oh what a cool surprise for future generations:) Oh you made purple fab. I am with you and Sandy on the purple thing. one creative challenge and you conquered:)