Thursday, June 28, 2007

Week 25 - Emily Art Deck Challenge CAUGHT UP!

Week 25 - caught up again (except the one week I skipped---I will get back to it as soon as I dig up the photo I want to use for it....)

But back to this week's prompt. Tara Whitney acted as "guest prompter." Tara is a photographer and aptly, her prompt was "use a photo that means something to you." (I'd love to have her photograph me and Rob together....check out her work, you will agree!)

So....lots of pics I could have chosen...but I decided on this one of my hubby....cause I just love it and it makes me smile whenever I see it (it's on my desk at home). It was taken in March the day we toured the model home in the neighborhood where my sister- and brother-in-law are building their new home. An all-around great day. Exciting to see the gorgeous home Lynne and Lar are creating...and so good to see Rob smiling and enjoying the day with his family after a string of stressful months. Love these moments.

And now to BED! Caught up again, finally! Surprised you, huh, Nik?! LYB!

Black Micron 03 pen; K&Company sticker letters (right Aimee?) [edited Jul 1...oops! just noticed the typo]

Week 24 (almost caught up!) Emily Art Deck Challenge

LOVE THIS PROMPT!! This was perfect timing.....prompt was "remember when..." and it just so happened that my sister Jackie, niece Mikayla and their friends, and Rob and I went to Hershey Park on the 16th ..... and amusement parks always remind my sisters and me of "back in the day" when we went to KENNYWOOD PARK every year for our school picnic. (And yes, you kind of have to scream the word. It's that exciting.) The best part was on the way to the park, when we first saw the KENNYWOOD SIGNS!!!!!!!! which pointed the way.

The THUNDERBOLT roller coaster is pictured on my card...along with the yellow KENNYWOOD sign. Can't help it. It just always makes me SMILE.
Red marker and "No." stamp by Stampin' UP!; rhinestones by My Mind's Eye.

Week 23 - Emily Art Deck Challenge

The Week 23 prompt was "Right Now" - as in "what is going on in your life at this moment?" I should have just stapled all my LISTS to the card!

Busy month in our household....traveling every weekend; work picnic at Hershey Park; a week away at my annual sales meeting for work; graduation party for my eldest niece (Congrats Em! We are so proud of you!); laundry is piling up; work is busier than ever.....etc. etc. etc.

Paper is from my Emily art deck kit (love this piece....been hoarding it--finally decided to JUST USE IT!); trusty black Micron 03 pen and Stampin' UP! "No." stamp; embellished paper clip from the March Cocoa Daisy Kit; "Wish" ticket purchased here --used them on my niece Emily's graduation party favor boxes.

Week 22 - Emily Art Deck challenge

The prompt was "What I want to learn." I liked this one....lots I want to learn (better yet, wish I just already KNEW how to do!) Number one on my list of late is to learn how to DRAW. Bought the Betty Edwards book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain -I hope it works!
Paper is a page from my 2006 Flavia Daytimer; ribbon is 1/2" Craft Seam Binding in Plum from Martha Stewart Crafts (much prettier than the scan shows); black Micron 03 pen; edges sanded.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Week 21 - Emily Art Deck Challenge

This one stalled me for a while! Prompt was: "Your redeeming qualities; qualities you aspire to."

As already noted--I am not comfy with declarative statements about myself--my first instinct is to ask someone else "what do you think my redeeming qualities are?" Not exactly a casual conversation starter, eh? : ) In the end I managed to list a few!

Pink rhinestones from a thank you packet of goodies from Cocoa Daisy - which arrived with the June kit (their kits are so yum-O! I have ordered 4 now and have not been disappointed!); rub-ons "Violet Tatoos" from KI Memories.t

Monday, June 11, 2007

Catchin' Up! Week 20 - Emily's Art Deck Challenge - CHANGE

Week 20 Prompt was CHANGE. Not my forte! Lots of directions this one could have taken...decided to focus on the positive changes in the works... Journaling on the back of this card reads:
"So many things needing our attention - lots of changes ahead for me and Rob. Changing our diets. Changing our living spaces (working on re-organizing some rooms). Changing our spending habits. I don't usually do well with change...but I am learning to embrace it. It's time."

Paper is from my Emily kit; rub-on letters are Heidi Swapp, swirl stamp is Swirls V1 -Rhonna Farrer, Clear Stamps; red gems are Bohemia. My Mind's Eye (love these big red ones!), clock was cut out of a magazine, topped with Diamond Glaze; "No." stamp is my trusty Stampin'UP! is black Memories. Not sure of the manufacturer for the number stickers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week 19 - Emily Art Journal Challenge - SURPRISE!

Playing catch up again! Left off at week 19 -- the prompt was SURPRISE. And I knew immediately I'd do my card on the whopper of a SURPRISE I pulled off on my sister Jackie. The idea started when our Uncle asked her at Christmastime (her birthday is Dec 30)..."how old are you going to be this year?" and she replied "Thirty-nine. Forever." ha that birthday came and went....flash forward two months or so later....her friend and neighbor, Lisa, approached me with the idea to have a SURPRISE 40th birthday party for our dear Jackie. The problem? Jackie knows EVERYTHING that happens in the entire tri-state area. How EVER would we pull it off?

For starters...we planned it for JULY - six months before her birthday (she'd not be expecting THAT, huh?) We decided a "ladies night" would be the theme...all her girl friends....poolside at Lisa's house....drinks and desserts. And music. My sister has been a huge American Idol fan since the first season....and JUSTIN GUARINI was her FAVORITE. (No lie--she referred to him as "my Justin.") Through the power of the Internet...we booked Justin for a special appearance at my sister's birthday party. AND WE PULLED IT OFF! Surprised is not the word for it....she FLIPPED. I still grin when I think of it...what a fun party that was!
And so I give sister Jackie and "Her Justin" at her "Forever 39" surprise party (also known as "Desperate Housewives Meets American Idol." )

Photo adhered to card, edges sanded. Label from Martha Stewart; rub on letters rob and bob studio; Pentel metallic gel pen; "No." stamp from Stampin' Up!

Monday, June 04, 2007

I loves me some LuRay! and other antique shop finds....

Another fabo find while in Berkeley Springs this weeked....Look at this stash of LuRay Pastels! I didn't buy any.....but the sight of these all stacked together makes me smile (isn't half the fun of collecting the SEARCH?) sister Jackie spotted the PITCHER.....I had never seen one in person....that baby was marked $120...and was in perfect shape. Aren't I strong for resisting?

I did splurge on one old printer's great shape (one blotchy ink stain--but that just makes me love it more)...and only 11 bucks!! BARGAIN!

Meet Isaiah

We met this little cutie while shopping in Berkeley Springs during our weekend with Auntie....seems Sir Isaiah doesn't think it's so cute though. His human keeper told us "he isn't friendly" when we wanted to pat his little head, er, helmet!
Nice guy. Funny lookin' dog!