Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The big wait is over! My TINY ART LADY is done!

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Weeeeeee!! Remember my lovefest for the INSPIRED event and the colored pencil class with Kal Barteski? And my instant affection for her Tiny Art Ladies? And my NONE-TOO-SUBTLE hints to hubby about wanting a CUSTOM one of my own? (Note I am skipping over my impatient rantings about it taking too long!)
YUP. It is done!! Miss Kal emailed the jpg to Rob today and it is en route to us!!!
Here is an excerpt of what he wrote to Kal: "Her favorite colors are blue and green (and pink). She is very creative and crafts all the time. She is funny, sensitive, loving, loud and playful." (You can imagine how I cringed at the "she is loud"--uh, yeah, I KNOW I am, but I don't like it! But the rest is lovely, honey! Thanks!)
And here is Kal's beautiful piece depicting his words.....I just love it.
Thanks, honey! Happy Anniversary to us. I love you.
And thanks, Kal! It is better than I could have dreamed up.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh yeah...I am a teenybopper. Damn happy to admit it. Loves me the TWILIGHTS SERIES. Stephenie Meyer is a genius storyteller---(loved "The Host," too. Gimme more!)

So how about the marketing tie-ins at Barnes & Nobel? Godiva Chocolate labels and Vampire-esque journals. And a drawing for Bella's charm bracelet for those who pre-order the book. Oh where do I sign????

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Ohh happy day! Love the weekend. Sunny and beautiful (good thing because we have a luau party to attend this eve!). Got lots done this morning....including printing all my pics for the "Scrap Your Day" challenge this month! (And I used every pic I printed! Lots of layering....too bulky, but it's all good, man. Just need to journal and then it's done until next month on the 25th!)

Have you INSPIRED girls seen Miss Donna's big weight loss reveal photos? OMG is she fab or what? GO DONNA D!

Still sorting through my TREASURES from my play date with STELLLAAAAA!!! Our IKEA run netted me some CUSHION COVERS for the porch chairs at last! (They are pillow covers, actually...but I jammed the chair cushions in and I LOVE the color combos. Now I want a gazillion lime/moss green flower pots to surround them! And of course a new something for the front door. And so it goes....)

Also bought this Fredrika fabric at IKEA to go with the trees fabric I bought last trip...ohhh I want to make more APRONS out of this! (Ala the ones from Emily's Italy classes!)

And now off we go to add more entries to our Summer Staycation journal!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Forget!

Scrap your day time again! Camera battery is charging! Ready for the 25th!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

WEEK 5 - Art Deck - Whose Style Do You Admire?

Week 5 Art Deck Prompt: WHOSE STYLE DO YOU ADMIRE?

I've been doing a lot of doodling lately (admittedly during some tedious meetings at work--shhh--don't tell. I don't notice ANYONE else in these particular meetings doing do they stand it? Hours and hours on end - my mind wanders....ANYWAY)
Recently I discovered Hugh MacLeod's Gaping Void "Streetcards" - blog cards (instead of "business cards") and I fell in love with his cartoons. I think he is just brilliant. Love his "How to Be Creative" posting. My doodlings of late have clearly been influenced by the "cityscapes" I see in his drawings - love the chaotic crowded, busy-ness his cartoons invoke--so interesting to me that what looks like a mere ink scribbling is SO not effortless to duplicate! Again--the crafter in me admires the originality in the artist.

So whose style do you admire of late?
Blue patterned paper from a humongous pack from Sam's Club (sorry, I forget the mfr); standard-fare notepaper; black Sharpie pen; "blah blah blah" stamp-A Muse Artstamps; "cups of coffee" stamp-Zettiology; date stamp- Staples; text tape-Heidi Swapp; rub-on '5' -Making Memories; torn ticket from my "save this" stash!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


How beautiful is this quilt? How much do you want to win it? Oh pick me!!
Go here for a chance to win:

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Art Journal - WEEK 3! Let's Go Green!

Week 3 of our art deck journal....the theme is GREEN.

I noticed today how much I surround myself with green. I love it in all shades and in every season. Right now the leaves of our hydrangeas are a beautiful healthy jammies and pacie for Sirryha - also green! New palette of patterned papers - GREEN GREEN GREEN. IKEA fabric waiting to be turned into something - GREEN TREES. yum. Even saving the earth is a GREEN THING!
And so I give you my WEEK 3 card.....brought to you by the color GREEN (yeah--loving the old Sesame Street songs, too, with little Miss to sing to! Nik---I still remember all the words to RUBBER DUCKIE and I LOVE TRASH and of course, IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN. Did you know Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra both recorded "It's Not Easy Being Green?" Go, Kermie!! GO GREEN!)
Who is going to GO GREEN with me?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scrap Your Day - JUNE 25 (and May!)

Ok...catching up this weekend....last week I transferred my "homemade" pages into the Making Memories calendar (ooohh that scalloped edge!) - worked a bit on the cover today -- TOTALLY copied Shimelle's idea (why fix it if it ain't broken?) - LOVE this textured paper from Doodlebug...wouldn't it be great wallpaper?? YUM. Three months down! Using the inside front cover to tack on the reminder pics Shimelle posts each month (cause I love these!) and the first page is going to be a collage of spare photos I print but don't use each month....I am getting LOTS on each page - but I want to get into the groove of repeating the same shots month to month to make it more about the details....(added a shot of the car odometer and the price of a tank of gas...will be interesting in ten years, no? Also love the shot of the shower products....don't know why, but I do! Finding most of the details I tend to capture about are only interesting to me---but that makes me love this book!)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Wedding Love

I love weddings. I love brides and big wedding parties and vows and tradition and family and getting dressed up and wedding cake!

And I love pink flowers....this centerpiece is the most lovely I have ever seen at at summer wedding, I think! Lucky me---I got to bring one home! GORGEOUS.

Mazel tov, Jenn & Keith!

Wish I had taken more PICS.....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Art Journal - WEEK 2! "What Gets You Twitterpated?"

Aimee's prompt for week two was "What Gets You Twitterpated?" Easy answer.

Love letters!

Last year, at around Christmastime, I had left a note for Rob on the counter in the kitchen...and when I tore the sheet off the tablet, I apparently tore off two pages. Rob wrote a reply to my note on the second sheet and later told me "I like this two pieces of paper thing" -- and he started leaving me notes in the morning..alongside a second blank piece of paper for me to write back. sweet was that? And so another tradition was born.

I love his notes in his scratchy, scrawly handwriting. I can't get enough of them! Someday I will bind them all together in a journal or something...(because yes, of course I save them all!)
Bird and envelope stamps by Memory Box; stamped with black Memories ink,colored with Prismacolor pencils; sticker letters by Making Memories. Journaling done in black Sharpie finepoint. Journaling paper on the back from a tablet - sorry, cannot recall the product line!