Saturday, March 08, 2008

Marching on toward SPRING.

Bring on the Spring flowers and MORE BUTTERFLIES (thank you ALI! we are SO going to make these when you come, Nik!!) This is the photo for my FRIDAY tag...done in PhotoShop Elements - how impressed are you, Aim?? whoohoo!)

Marching through my project lists:

Cathy Z's tag book: A few shares from my first week's worth of tags....(and I got the template to work in PhotoShop Elements. WhooHoo! Thank you Cathy Z!)

  1. 3.

2. Check us out, Molly-Mo! Not too bad for the camera phone : )

3. JAM! When we hit the lottery we will buy up Pottery Barn : )

So many little free time. Did you know laundry multiples if you ignore it for a week or so? So wrong.

OH! For my scrappin' pals---the latest page for the 'me and Rob' book: I must say I am BORED with our SAME DUMB PICTURES ....gotta switch it up this month!! LOL.