Sunday, August 31, 2008


THIS WEEK's PROMPT: "Everything old is new again."

Hello ladies! This week my thoughts have been swirling around the idea that "everything old is new again" (which, incidentally, is also a great song by Barenaked Ladies, if you are so inclined!)

And so - loving pinking shears (so reminds me of my Gram!) and batik fabrics and the colors gold and magenta doodling pens (always/still)....and fairy/angel wings again...and cigar boxes and labels...and using bottle caps to stamp paint circles...and patterned papers I have been HOARDING but decided to USE IT UP instead...and how much do I love this DYMO labeler? I think we had one in our house back in the 70s - but surely it was not a toy or something I used in my crafting. I love seeing these labels on scrapbook layouts and in art journals. So yep--I went to Michael's with a 40% off coupon and bought the 7 dollar Label Buddy version (and it is a piece of junk--but I am making it work!) I bet the high-end ones are AWESOME? anyone have the cadillac version? And THANKS CYNTHIA for the inspiration to "distress" the labels by bending them all up before peeling off the that look!

So what have you "brought back" into your art that you haven't tried in a while? Or what "new trend" is one you have embraced the second time around? What 'retro' style is appealing to you?

Show us your cards!

Happy Sunday! Off to a family picnic now....TTFN!


cynthia said...

Loving the Card. And I am so with you on the dymo label maker:) I have the exact same one- glorious junk:)I could use that thing on every layout:)It does bring back so many memories. My mom had one and it was for important label use:) I couldn't keep my hands off it:) Fab sooz:)

snowflakes said...

I am joining your challenge I have almost caught myself up this weekend!!! Just one more card.
Check them out here.

Jilliene Designs said...

that card is adorable!!! you are so talented and in so many ways!!

Sandy said...

THERE'S A CADILLAC VERSION?? omg...i didn't know about this. i'm addicted to my label buddy. i'm going to have to investigate. did you know there's a woodgrain tape available? yeah. i know. (-;