Sunday, December 27, 2009

Alert the presses!

...I think I may have figured out this BLASTED DOUBLE CROCHET STITCH!

edited: ...or maybe not?

Seriously. This isn't supposed to be HARD, right?

What I'd rather do....

...when I should be doing something like cleaning up my crafting messes, or any other basic household chore!

The result of the snowed in Saturday of December 19: a new runner for this side table (the last one had a few burn marks from some candle mishaps. For a while now, the table was bare, but it isn't in very good shape, and I haven't committed to painting I thought a nice little bit of red and white would help!)
These were all scraps/pieces from my stash (as I couldn't have gotten out to the shops if I wanted to what with the 15 inches of snow and all....) and I managed a few pillow tops to match, too!

Hmmm.....I can keep these out through Valentine's Day, right?
P.S. The photo is one of my all-time favorites of my mom. Circa 1959, newly married, black tights and a gold silk tunic, platinum blonde hair, holding a set of bongo drums she bought for my dad for Christmas (...because he "always wanted to be a drummer.") The lampshade is festooned with simple ball ornaments suspended by silk ribbons - tres chic. (I need to update that frame! I think I know just the thing.....will require a trip to Home Goods!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The prize package arrived!

OK ...for those who made me promise to share what I received from the Tim Holtz 12 Tags Giveaway! The package arrived on Thursday....


1 5x7 tabbed grungebook

The bling has already been incorporated into my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily book....keepin it very simple this year....but the extra sparkle was a perfect addition to a few of the pages I already "finished."

Thanks Tim for the great 12 Tags (& Mario for the prize send-out!) I can 't wait to see what the GRANDE FINALE PRIZE PACKAGE is going to be! Details to be revealed by Tim on the 25th! HO HO HO!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Lucky Me!

Please don't hate me for my wondrous luck, ladies! I have been following the 12 Tags of Christmas on Tim Holtz's blog for the last 3 years.....and am a huge fan of his products tho' I don't own NEARLY enough of it to master all his techniques....

And I ALMOST MISSED OUT on this year's tags! I remembered last night and right away commented (and ran out to Michael's to buy the CAR STAMP because I had to make this my Christmas Card this year!)

....and then...this morning when I checked in to see Tag #7....guess what? I WON! Check it out here!

As if I didn't have enough on my list to I want to make ALL OF THESE TAGS to enter for Tim's GRAND PRIZE. (Heaven help me.)

Back to my embossed cars and grungeboard! oohhh how I love this CAR!