Tuesday, June 24, 2008

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the 25th!

How much do I love Shimelle's photo prompt reminders? Lovin' this project...what is it that the preparations for the projects are just as yummy to me as the final results? Not sure what that means?
OK....camera battery is charging..I have my LIST OF MUST TAKE SHOTS committed to memory (alarm clock, each meal, self-portrait, view outside my window....) since I blew it last month on these!
And STELLA! Our Making Memories calendars arrived yesterday!!! Yipppiieee!
That scalloped cover awaits!!
OK...multi-tasking here while waiting on hold on the phone...how long do I wait before I give in to the idea that they forgot about me?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ready? LET'S GO!

This week starts our WASSIMA Art Deck Challenge....each Sunday Aimee and I will take turns posting a prompt---those participating, please link your creations to the comments so we can follow along....the best part is seeing/reading every one's interpretations each week.

You can imagine the PRESSURE to get this first Prompt going!! Oh my. How to compete with Emily Falconbridge - SHE-GODDESS HERSELF!?!? For me, these cards are a true "Ode to Emily" because I LOVE her work and her mini art challenge was my favorite project EVER.

This is also an "Ode to Aimee" because she has been such a great CREATIVE FRIEND to me since we met serendipitously at a Donna Downey class in 2006 and started our BLOGS together afterwards, and have stayed BFFs as creative muses to each other...and that led to the INSPIRED event when our girl Aimee brought me so many more friends into my blogging/creative world!! And do you know why? BECAUSE SHE IS SNOW WHITE! She is the friendliest most open and welcoming lady.....she is fairy dust and fun and makes it all better when I am with her!! (And she hates that I call her SNOW WHITE because she insists she has a "bad girl" persona - whatEV....she is forever more SNOW WHITE TO ME!)

And THAT, my friends, inspired this week's PROMPT!

WEEK ONE PROMPT: "Which princess are you, or do you WISH you were?"

Most every girl at some time or another wants/wanted to be a PRINCESS. The DISNEY franchise is overflowing with them....from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty and Ariel and of course SNOW WHITE. Maybe you wanted to be Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, or Princess Grace or maybe you just created a wonderful fantasy world in which you were the Princess of your own kingdom? (Or, if you, like Aimee, dream about having that BAD GIRL thing goin' on, maybe you wanted to be the EVIL WITCH in the story?) Do tell!

For me, my favorite Princess stories as a child were Cinderella (the Lesley Anne Warren version, not the Disney version!) and Sleeping Beauty. My sisters and I watched Cinderella EVERY YEAR when it was on TV....I still love it! But the book I loved the best was this miniature, fat book of Disney stories....Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel and Cinderella were all in it (again--I didn't like the BLONDE Cinderella! I was loyal to Lesley Anne!)....but I loved the Sleeping Beauty photos with her long gorgeous hair and fairy godmothers and the whole "one true kiss" mess! (SWOON! cue the chirping birds and fairy dust!)

And so...I give you my coloring book page recreation of Sleeping Beauty....with a bit of Glinda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz thrown in for good measure...because oh I wanted to wear the fairy godmother costumes most of all when I was a kid!

Swirls, my friends!! Cannot wait to see what you create!
Coloring book page printed onto regular copy paper, colored with PrismaColor pencils, metallic ink pens, radient pearls 'Golden Honey' on her hair, antique glitter on his cape. Stickers on front are Making Memories; Glinda sticker on back is cut from a bookplate; DREAM stamp is Dawn Hauser for Inkadinkado; Corsage pin from Joanne Fabrics; gold wire from Stampin' Up!; crushed velvet ribbon from Maya Road; edges gilded with Gold Prismacolor ink pen; date stamp on back from Staples; black journaling pen is a Sharpie fine point.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Emily's "Art Deck of Me" - Final Six!

(click on images to see full size)

OK...spent a lot more of my day doing THIS than the laundry and housework I SHOULD be doing...but oh...it was worth it! (Damn I missed this project!! So excited we are DOING IT AGAIN!)
Week 43 Card "Scary": Paper front & back is from a 2006 Flavia Daytimer calendar page; Sticker letters are Making Memories; Bling is Me & My Big Ideas; Glitter glue is KindyGlizt Crystalina.

Week 44 Card "Home": papers & trim are leftovers from the Jennifer Stewart INSPIRED class (YUM-O!) - line is "noteWorthy" I think?; Rub-ons are Fancy, Aged Floral; bird rub-ons are Luxe - There's the Rub, Black Hearts; Sticker words are Making Memories; Journaling is Sharpie Fine Point.

Week 45 Card "Self-Realization": card was covered with masking tape, then rubbed with metallic acrylic Folk Art paint; Polka Dot paper is NoteWorthy; bird is free 'collage art' from artist Zorana ; Stamp is Hero Arts; Bling is My & My Big Ideas; Journaling is Sharpie Fine Point.

Week 50 Card "The Greatest Gift": Paper is from a 2006 Flavia Daytimer calendar page; Words and Letters stickers from Making Memories; "No." stamp is Brenda Walton alphabet stamp set for All Night Media; Organdy ribbon is from Morex; bling is Me & My Big Ideas.

Week 52 Card "ART": Tag is K&C Company - Brenda Walton Mira Tag Pad; letter stickers and rub-ons are Making Memories; bling is Me & My Big Ideas; glitter glue is KindyGlitz, Crystalina; ribbon is Maya Road; 'Creative' tag on back is from Kaleidoscope; Journaling is Sharpie Fine Point.

"Finish one before starting another...."

(click on the image for full size view...sorry the scan is so crummy...in a rush!)

...isn't that what mom taught us? Do we ever NOT have ninety-twelve projects started at once, though?

When I started the Emily Mini Art Journal group last year I PROMISED myself I would FINISH IT. And I was really good....until the end....somehow I missed 12 weeks!! But I took notes and kept a list of what the prompts were each week, and ideas for how I would do my cards for when the muse struck again....

And now...before we start this again tomorrow....I am determined to get my 2007 cards DONE.

With that...here are the first 5 (number 6 is still drying) of my last 12...no photos on these cards cause I am out of ink for the printer....and I cheated and used some NEW product....but ohhh it was GOOD getting back into these little 'canvases!'
Off to a graduation party.....will post the FIRST PROMPT first thing tomorrow!!
and off we GO!
Week 40 card: card was pre-prepped with purple paint and a glitter wash; collaged bits from magazines and my "scratch paper" - used Sharpie marker to journal...and those wonderful Making Memories little number stickers. Journaling on the back reads: " NOT ANYMORE! I am not afraid to cut, tear, rip, paint, splash, mess up, try new things when it comes to ART! I will not hoard my papers and embellies! I will stop being afraid to JUST DO IT!"
Week 41 card: Gold foil rubbed directly onto card (base was pre-prepared last year...not sure of the brand of this foil); Making Memories rub-on letters, word stickers are EK Success's Bookworks; gems are from the dollar bin at Joanne Fabrics ; ribbon was purchased by the yard at MLPA - sorry,don't know the vendor! Journaling ont he back reads: "If I had a magic carpet, I'd wisk us off to all the exotic places we've never been. India and Thailand would certainly be first stops. And all the tropical islands would be next!"
Week 46 card: Card is covered with pink/peach patterned paper (I forget the manufacturer...Aim--it's from my INSPIRED book...do you remember all the pink and orange?); "Dream" is cut from a word cardstock strip; votive pics are from the Tracy Porter catalogue; "Green Tea" perfume label is from my favorite perfume that Anthropologie no longer carries!! boo hoo; ribbon is Martha Stewart; Ribbon tape is Amy Butler; bling is My Minds Eye; sticker "bliss" word and letters are Making Memories. This is my favorite of this latest bunch!
Week 47 card: Patterned paper is Basic Grey's Stella Ruby; Olive green solid cardstock is Stampin' Up!; mini floral strip & 'carefree' sticker are Amy Butler; Rub on words and } are My Mind's Eye; Mini letter/number stickers are Making Memories (teal--so gorgeous!) Journaling on the back reads: "My Happy Place is anywhere I can carve out a space to create....preferably with Rob close by enjoying a book or movie while I multi-task!"
Week 51 card: Picture from a Somerset Studios magazine adhered to card; edges painted with green acrylic paint; purple floss is DMC; Journaling on back reads: "This week's prompt is "Made me think of you." This image so reminds me of my gram and pap. They always planted pansies and violas and the handwriting on the postcard looks a little like my Gram's. Always as the holidays approach, I miss you."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Voila. New Banner Up!

How do you like the new banner? Too much with the rickrack and corner flowers? hmmmm?

OK...maybe I should just REDO this one in PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS now that I have it a bit more figured out....Cause I love the photo and the orange...just not the blurriness of the text.....
EDITED: Redid "the orange one" in PhotoShop Elements...still don't like the way the font looks on my screen....but I always liked this photo so it will do for now!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK...I really really need a fairy godmother to magically FIX my banner! I cannot FIGURE OUT this dang Photoshop Elements....gggrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Going back to an oldie but goodie til I can figure out something snazzy.

Did these in PAINT. How sad it THAT?

Do you think people do them on PAPER and just scan it? I just DO NOT GET the digital stuff. Seriously--where is my DIGI-FAIRY-GODMOTHER???

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WASSIMA Art Journal FAQ!

Ok all....seems we have a bit more 'splainin' to do!

What does WASSIMA stand for you ask? Silly us...we should have let you in on that one right off!! It's a group of us who attended this year's INSPIRED Artist Workshop hosted by Donna Downey....it stands for "We Are Still So Inspired Mail Art" Group...we decided to team up to stay in touch and share our creations and living-the-artful-life stuff. : )
And that's the only question, so far!
Hope you plan to join us - prompts start this Sunday!


Monday, June 16, 2008

WASSIMA Art Deck - Getting the Goods Ready!

For those who participated in Emily (SheGoddess Herself!) Falconbridge's "Mini Art Journal Challenge" in 2007...you will know why Aimee and I are SO EXCITED TO DO IT AGAIN! This was my favorite project in the last few years....and I missed it when the year was over (and shhh....don't tell.... but I still have a few unfinished prompts from the end of the year....things got a bit crazy for me so I lost my mojo there....but I still plan to FINISH! Even if i just DOODLE THE WORDS and decorate the card. In fact...that is my promise before I start the next one!! I will post, I promise!) OK...back to NOW....

Aimee and I invite the WASSIMA gals to join us (and anyone else who wants to play along!). Be sure to read Aimee's post on it, too....she has photos from her 2007 set on her blog. Some of mine can be found here. And Emily's are gorgeous as well...plus she explains all her great painting and layering techniques, so be sure to look at her examples, too. Look at the comments on Emily's cards to find others who participated last year - there were some awesome artists playing along each week.

You don't need much to get started. Just one ordinary deck of playing cards....and the rest is up to you:
  • Pull your favorite bits from your fabric, fibers, scrapbooking, painting, crafty, artsy stashes to decorate your cards.

  • You can decorate the bases all at once then journal each week or create each card as you go....whatever works.

  • You might want to make a home for your cards! Last time I started with a cigar box filled with bits of this and that....and tried to use what I had in the box each week. Other weeks I used magazines to collage, or my latest favorite patterned papers and embellishments. Aimee was REALLY good about only using her scrappin' stash....I LOVE how layered and ORGANIC hers were. Originally, I made a pouch for mine per Emily's example (I bought her KIT, so sorry, I have no idea where to get that fabric!) and still LOVE the pouch--even tho' my cards long ago outgrew their home!!

Ready? WEEK ONE will start on Sunday, Jun 22. I will post the prompts on ODD weeks, Aimee on EVEN weeks. Get yourself a deck of cards and maybe a box or tray or basket that will be dedicated to this project for the next year.....and let's MAKE ART!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

Sending a shout out to all the Dads out there today...wishing you and yours a happy celebration and hoping you are receiving the royal treatment on your special day!

Father's Day was always tough for me since our dad died when I was 11---I don't even have memories of what our Father's Day celebrations were like. I miss my dad more and more the older I get...

So this one's extra special to me since Miss Sirryha entered our lives this year....and I'm feeling such happiness on this day for my hubby....we're off to make new traditions together! : )

And Pap, I miss you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happiness Is...

  1. A three day weekend!

  2. A scrappin' day with Inspired BFFs Aimee and Stella!

  3. Dinner out with family at Flemings (happy birthday, Ethan! happy graduation from 6th grade, Landon! Happy school's almost out!!)

  4. FOUR. NEW. AMY. BUTLER. FABRICS. ARRIVED. IN. THE. MAIL. YESTERDAY! (and one on backorder!)
The only downer is this wicked STUFFY NOSE. Blech.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lovin' Trees. And Aprons. And Bloggers. And IKEA!

OK....THANKS to EMILY and the ladies who replied to my question on Emily's blog about the FABRIC IN THOSE APRONS!! IT IS FROM IKEA!! NO WAY SHUT UP!! I was just there and bought a yard of the TREE fabric 'cause it was precut and I didn't have the heart to keep DH waiting while I dawdled over all the bolts ....figured I'd go again for MORE. And now I MUST because I HAVE. TO. HAVE. THIS. APRON!

Wouldn't this TREE fabric be perfect for a family tree wall hanging (or pillow, or quilt or scrapbook cover?) I want to stitch names on all the leaves...oh imagine a whole FAMILY REUNION panel - the last names of the families could go up the TRUNKS and each person's first name on the leaves. Oh that would be a great QUILT, don't you think? YUM.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quilt Envy!

OK...someone grab me a paper bag...I am alone in the house and I just saw Anna Maria Horner's new quilt pattern for her Drawing Room line and I think I am hyperventilating. How gorgeous is this fabric? And this quilt pattern? You can get the pattern free on her blog here.

(And where oh where is Heather Bailey's post about her new lines???

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

If I Had A Million Dollars.....

....first I'd buy all these HERO ARTS tree stamps. Then I'd stay up all night making cute cards like this one for my gal pals and Inspired Peeps. (And then I'd feel overwhelming guilt for buying more crafting supplies when I already have SO/TOO MUCH and I'd have to start a charitable foundation of some sort. And then I wouldn't be a millionaire anymore and we'd be right back here where we started.)

And DAMN....why didn't anyone tell me CLAUDINE HELLMUTH was doing a HERO ARTS giveaway?? Huh people??

Is it the weekend yet?

'Cause I'd rather be playing with this stuff rather than going to work again in 12 hours. Working on a set of fabric blocks for Little Miss (this one took an ENTIRE BAG OF POLYFIL! Yikes. Gonna have t0 scale down!) And the quilt topper is for a doll bed in the making (2 inch squares)....it matches Little Miss's Crazy Nine Patch quilt. Are you seeing a pattern emerge here? I can't stop! LOL

I am DYING to see Heather Bailey's new fabric lines.....has anyone seen anything from Quilt Market? Pop Garden and Bijoux are her two new lines...I have only seen one little adorable outfit made from the fabric on Flickr. Oh my is that the cutest ever?