Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I need to learn to KNIT....

...I need some throw rugs and I really want a scrappy one....

and I TOTALLY WANT THIS!! STELLLAAA!! HELP!! how hard is this??


I can't have ZERO FRIENDS over there on the ole sidebar!
Pretty Please? anyone?

Just carved the CINDERELLA PUMPKIN my sister grew (thanks, Lisey!) and now I am surfing for good pumpkin seed toasting recipes...I must have 4 CUPS of plump juicy seeds!

Happy Halloween : )

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think that is the right word? Creating something new and useful from something that would otherwise be tossed? (or is it "UpCycle?" I like both.)

So you may recall the ORB quiltalong from a few months ago. And a bunch of my gals agreed to swap our scraps afterwards....and I have to tell you...I think I like the SCRAP BAGS better than my STASH lately (still so hard to CUT INTO THESE FABRICS sometimes! But give me a ziplock baggie of "scraps" and I can play and create for hours on end.)

And one of my favorite bags from the quiltalong swap was from Jilliene - who made her quilt using Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks fabrics (yum yum and yum). Her scraps were SKINNY...but lookie how SKINNY FABULOUS they look as bookmarks?
(thanks for being so patient, Jilliene! I owe you a scrap stash baggie!)

HOW-TO: Start with a substrate (these are Shout Color Catcher sheets folded in half lengthwise.) Lay your scraps of fabric down along one side, right side up. Stitch in place. Add another scrap of fabric next to it. Stitch. Continue til you have the look you like. Turn over and do the same with the other side. If you don't like the raw edges - fold a few scraps over the edges and stitch in place. You get the idea....
(I just noticed these look like psychedelic bacon strips the way they are laying on that highchair tray! Sorry...too tired to reshoot! hee)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh, Fer Cute!

Saw a tutorial on doll bedding yesterday and HAD.TO.MAKE.THESE.FOR.SIRRYHA! Lisey--recognize the fabrics? How perfect are these PILLOWS? weee! I have been wanting to get a proper doll bed for Sirryha .... but she hasn't really shown much interest in her baby dolls (would rather tend to her doggies.) : ) Lately, though, she is all about "naptime" so these are just right.
(and who says doggies can't sleep in a bed with pillows and a cover?)

Now off to bed for me....Monday morning will be arriving all too soon...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Philly2Phoenix 9Patch Girls!

Oooh.....still a few patches to go (no pressure, Danielle, honest!), but I couldn't resist starting to lay these out to see what it will look like all together! I am thinking of white sashing ala this example: (oh how I love everything this lady makes!)....and definitely the border with the extra rows of the strips from the patches.

Hmmm....I started to lay mine out as 8 blocks wide by 9 blocks long....but I am going to switch to 7 x 10 like Amanda Jean's. I don't like SQUAREish quilts...not sure why?
It's raining's been gray all day...perfect day to stay inside and play and then have a nap! Sirryha Hope, age 2. Recharging! xo

Seriously--is that the prettiest little princess ever?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can't sleep....

...but can sew.

Loving my scrap bags from Cathy and Stella! Thanks, Peeps! I can't get enough of pillows and piecework. This one is from the Cathy stash. Kaffe Fassett strips cut into pieces, then sewn together side by side...white muslin border and backing, 14x14" pillow form and VOILA!
I think he looks rather chummy alongside the Anna Maria Horner lovelies, don't you? xo

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Easing back...

...into some comforting routines after these sad weeks and days following my sister's unexpected hospitalization and funeral.

Thanks to you all, my Art Tribe Peeps, for holding me in your caring hands and hearts; your support and words and kindnesses have meant more than I can express.

Last night, my sister Jackie and I returned home to Philly (from the Burgh) after 10pm sometime...and since I FORGOT TO ORDER DECAF at our 7pm-ish pittstop at Starbucks, I was still WIRED and unable to go right to sleep (even tho' I was sure that was what would happen the minute I hit the door!)

And so, as always when I cannot sleep, I turned to my ART TRIBE and my favorite bloggists (not a word, is it? don't care...I like it better than BLOGGER) for some soothing distraction....and the first click brought me to Rebecca Sowers' latest entry (could a softing landing exist? I want to be her when I grow up.) How perfect is this idea? (and oh yes, Cynthia, it was not lost on me that there are two sets of FIVES in her piece!)

And so, I scribbled down a copy of the idea, headed to my sewing machine, pulled out some pre-cut canvas, threaded the machine with some brown cotton, and just WENT FOR IT. I got as far as the above photo shows by 2:30 am before I was ready to call it a night...and this morning when I asked Rob "what does this look like?" he said "um.....a flower?"

I can see the bird, can't you?