Sunday, December 27, 2009

Alert the presses!

...I think I may have figured out this BLASTED DOUBLE CROCHET STITCH!

edited: ...or maybe not?

Seriously. This isn't supposed to be HARD, right?

What I'd rather do....

...when I should be doing something like cleaning up my crafting messes, or any other basic household chore!

The result of the snowed in Saturday of December 19: a new runner for this side table (the last one had a few burn marks from some candle mishaps. For a while now, the table was bare, but it isn't in very good shape, and I haven't committed to painting I thought a nice little bit of red and white would help!)
These were all scraps/pieces from my stash (as I couldn't have gotten out to the shops if I wanted to what with the 15 inches of snow and all....) and I managed a few pillow tops to match, too!

Hmmm.....I can keep these out through Valentine's Day, right?
P.S. The photo is one of my all-time favorites of my mom. Circa 1959, newly married, black tights and a gold silk tunic, platinum blonde hair, holding a set of bongo drums she bought for my dad for Christmas (...because he "always wanted to be a drummer.") The lampshade is festooned with simple ball ornaments suspended by silk ribbons - tres chic. (I need to update that frame! I think I know just the thing.....will require a trip to Home Goods!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The prize package arrived!

OK ...for those who made me promise to share what I received from the Tim Holtz 12 Tags Giveaway! The package arrived on Thursday....


1 5x7 tabbed grungebook

The bling has already been incorporated into my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily book....keepin it very simple this year....but the extra sparkle was a perfect addition to a few of the pages I already "finished."

Thanks Tim for the great 12 Tags (& Mario for the prize send-out!) I can 't wait to see what the GRANDE FINALE PRIZE PACKAGE is going to be! Details to be revealed by Tim on the 25th! HO HO HO!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Lucky Me!

Please don't hate me for my wondrous luck, ladies! I have been following the 12 Tags of Christmas on Tim Holtz's blog for the last 3 years.....and am a huge fan of his products tho' I don't own NEARLY enough of it to master all his techniques....

And I ALMOST MISSED OUT on this year's tags! I remembered last night and right away commented (and ran out to Michael's to buy the CAR STAMP because I had to make this my Christmas Card this year!)

....and then...this morning when I checked in to see Tag #7....guess what? I WON! Check it out here!

As if I didn't have enough on my list to I want to make ALL OF THESE TAGS to enter for Tim's GRAND PRIZE. (Heaven help me.)

Back to my embossed cars and grungeboard! oohhh how I love this CAR!

Friday, November 27, 2009


...for another really good Cohen/Gilman Thanksgiving : )

Lynne and Rob - during our Wednesday prepping!

Basting is the key!

Lar always brings Lynne beautiful flowers for the holiday table.

Note for next year....MORE PHOTOS, PLEASE!

Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#9}

Friday, November 20, 2009

20 more things for which I am grateful:
  1. A recipe for homemade spray starch! (recipe here)
  2. BIG trashbags that don't RIP when you fill them.
  3. Tap water (in our township at least!) doesn't skeeve me.
  4. Sirryha's random hugs and squeezes at dinner tonight. (Always best when they are unexpected and unsolicited! stinkin SWEET!)
  5. Restaurants with paper tablecloths and a generous supply of crayons.
  6. That I always use the crayons at restaurants - even if there are no children with me.
  7. Sirryha's newly discovered love for STICKERS - and that Rob doesn't mind when she'd rather put them all over HIM than in the storybooks they come with!
  8. Honeycrisp apples. SO yum.
  9. Rob is eating the bag of cucumbers that I mistakenly bought at Produce Junction thinking it was a bag of zucchini. (oops)
  10. ZIP LOCK BAGGIES. Sandwich size and the quart size. How did I live without thee?
  11. Rob is not an "I don't DO leftovers guy."
  12. Emeril's Spicy Garlic Bread recipe from "back in the day" (recipe can be found here.)
  13. My "Thanksgiving Dinner" binder that I've kept since 2001...which has chronicled everything from the cost of the turkey, to each recipe and guest list.
  14. Jackie's Christmas book that she has kept for over 15 years that has all the special gifts received, breakfast and dinner menus, their annual Christmas card, and Mikayla's and David's letters to and from Santa. Seriously priceless!
  15. Being ALMOST caught up with my correspondence....
  16. Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannels are now available by the bundle in her shop!
  17. My navy blue leather clogs that are almost a decade old, were never attractive, but are the most comfy shoes I own.
  18. That the "business casual" dress code at work means I don't have to wear pantyhose every day ('nuff said, eh?)
  19. That Rob came across a Miley Cyrus concert on TV, and he played the same three songs over and over again for Sirryha (via DVR) just because she loved it. "Again, Daddy!"
  20. Getting to watch Sirryha eat ice cream. (She dips the spoon into the bowl of ice cream, and then delicately licks the ice cream off the wee lap at a if it is on a cone? I am not sure. But it is adorable to me, at the same time shocking that any child would not devour a scoop of chocolate ice cream! She maybe gets a spoonful down via this method!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#8}

Lynne and Lar, Thanksgiving Day, 2007 this photo!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful ...
  1. That we are a mere week away from another Thanksgiving dinner with the Cohens/Gilmans!

  2. For a happy phone call from my friend who was STRESSED TO THE MAX a day ago. Glad it is "all better again."

  3. For Panera Bread's chicken and wild rice soup on a cold rainy night.

  4. For Johnson's (No More Tears) No More Tangles spray.

  5. For Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus because I love the way Sirryha says her name and is mesmerized by her singing and dancing. (O.M.G. you have to see the new dance moves!)

  6. For my Rowenta Professional Iron. I {heart} steam!

  7. For Rob honestly not caring that the ironing board has become a permanent installation in the living/dining room. (Yes, I know I should install one of those hanger things in the stairwell to the basement....but.....)
  8. For "off brand" rotary cutter blades that WORK JUST AS WELL AS THE OLFA BRAND at a fraction of the price!
  9. For blog recommendations from friends, like this one. I know I would enjoy it if only I had more time!
  10. For how happy it makes me when I find Sirryha's little pencil scribbles on my lists. : )
  11. For the set of hexagon paper piecing templates from Bryne sewingthe quilt shops....I've wanted to try these ever since I saw this:
  12. For free online tutorials like this: (in case I never get around to a full quilt of Hexagons!)
  13. For podcast interviews.
  14. For multilayers. (In hairstyles, fashion, art, and best of all - PEOPLE.)
  15. For surprises.
  16. For restaurants that serve "tiny bites" desserts. (A ramekin of cherry cobbler with a mini scoop icecream. YUM with less guilt!)
  17. For Kleenex (I love to iron...but hankies for blowing your nose? Ewwwww.)
  18. For twinkle lights. Indoors or out....they are strings of happiness.
  19. For Origins Ginger Essence perfume (still my favorite scent!)
  20. For stick gum that still comes with printed wrappers so I can gum wrapper chains when I stuck somewhere with nothing else in my purse to occupy me!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#7}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

  1. for a much overdue visit with Jill! (always a wonderful soft landing....)
  2. ...and getting to take part in her bedtime routine with her fabulous kids Scott and stinkin' cute.
  3. ...and sipping hot chocolate in a beautiful mug while sitting at her kitchen table with nothing to do but chat for a few hours...
  4. ...and knowing that we will see each other again next week on Thanksgiving! xo
  5. for learning my cousin is expecting a healthy baby girl!
  6. that Rob picked up my Rx for me at Target. xo
  7. that I had more than enough cash on me for the tolls tonight (I usually FORGET. I never carry cash.)
  8. for Rob's mindfulness example.
  9. for not sweating the small stuff (and the wisdom that comes with age on what "the small stuff" includes.)
  10. for my sister Lisa, for sharing her stash of vintage fabric from Gram. xoxo
  11. for a project/assignment at work I am enjoying.
  12. for the Wegmans by L&L that is still accepting orders for fresh turkeys this year (my Wegmans is not! What is up with THAT?)
  13. for news of "negative" test results for a family member.
  14. that postage stamps are self-adhesive (can you believe we ever LICKED them?)
  15. for self-serve, 24-hr access to postage machines and scales at the post office.
  16. for a winning $12 instant lotto ticket in my purse that I had forgotten about!
  17. for knowing I have more than enough and everything I need.
  18. for lots of sticks on my cell phone when I wasn't sure when I last charged it!
  19. shops that don't charge extra for gift wrapping!
  20. for "getting over it" that this blog post will NOT have a photo. (refer to #9.) : )

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#6}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful Times Twenty:
  1. Receiving my first PaPaYa! Catalog in the mail! Holy moly I want one of each!


  3. Frozen Edamame.

  4. That so far, "Upsidedown Baby!" is still working to get Sirryha dressed after bathtime.

  5. Peaceful transitions with Sirryha when it is time to go.

  6. Plans to visit Jill tomorrow (finally!)

  7. MAPQUEST (I hate writing down directions and playing along that I know which routes run north and south vs east and west....whatEVER....just tell me left or right, 'k?)

  8. Working hands.

  9. That Rob never lets us run out of paper towels.

  10. NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE (speaking of paper)

  11. Discovering another clever artistic blog - like this one.

  12. Fine point pens. Better still, EXTRA-FINE point pens.

  13. Good quality paper to create with. YUM.

  14. John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner.

  15. That Rob will run upstairs to get me socks when my feet are cold.

  16. ...and then get me my book, too.

  17. "Just checking in" calls and texts from family.

  18. My Smiley Mug from Eat n Park that Jackie got the annoyed-with-us drive-thru girl to get for me to replace the yucky one she originally gave us! (Thanks, sister!)

  19. For another year NOT having a car payment.

  20. A LOVE BOMB text from Cameron tonight! Wee!! Count me in for February!! xoxoxo

Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#5}

Monday, November 16, 2009
Today's grateful list....
  1. Birthday Celebrations with family {Happy 12th Birthday, David! xoxoxo}
  2. Good books on hand for sleepless nights.
  3. The hope that this necklace could very well be on sale some day....Anthropologie's Stormy Sea Necklace. Sigh.
  4. That Rob always takes the trash out.
  5. Dave Matthews Band.
  6. My Barnes & Noble Member Card and coupons.
  7. Journals.
  8. Spooning with Rob on chilly nights.
  9. 24 hr grocery stores
  11. That Mikayla still wants to go shopping with her old aunt and mom!
  12. That UGGS are still in style.
  13. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
  14. All UPS drivers. I have never met one I don't like.
  15. Curb Your Enthusiasm and all the SEINFELD references. I love to watch with Rob and hear his laughter.
  16. The guy friends at work who've been there with me for over 10 years and have wickedly brilliant minds and terrific senses of humor (rare combo).
  17. Our mailroom ladies at work - especially Joan who always delivers my WSJ to my desk.
  18. Knowing I acted bravely in certain situations lately.
  19. Clean Water AND good water pressure. Seriously.
  20. How I feel peaceful and reminded of my gram and sister Kristin when I am sewing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#4}

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful for:
  1. Serendipity. (The restaurant, yes, but moreso the actual occurances. May as well toss in the movie, too. I {heart} John Cusack.)

  2. CUPCAKES (I know it is trendy, but I love them. In food or art form!)

  3. TWITTER, cause speaking of cupcakes, how cool is it that you can track/find food mobiles like THESE?

  4. THE INTERNET. An encyclopedia at your fingertips. Seriously. How did we survive without it?

  5. VELVETA CHEESE, and that it has not yet been outlawed. I know it isn't REAL FOOD but it is truly yummy in mac 'n cheese. If you don't believe me, go try this recipe.

  6. Lazy mornings with no need to look at the clock.

  7. Super smart women who write authentic BLOGS.

  8. That Rob and I "get each other."

  9. Sunny beautiful weather today.

  10. TWEEZERS (seriously--the witchy chin hairs? ew.)

  11. GOOD hair clips that HOLD YOUR HAIR without wimping out and breaking or peeling (I think these were from JCrew, right Lyndee?)

  12. Kelly's text messages that CRACK ME UP ..."and whatnot!" (hee. see? it's funny!)

  13. Only 5 more sleeps 'til NEW MOON! (swoon!)

  14. Text messages from Emily about her comings and goings and fun shops she visits that she promises to show me when I visit her at college. xo

  15. Men who still hold doors for women...

  16. ....and women who still teach their sons to do so (like the nice lady at WaWa the other day.)

  17. Remembering to take KLEENEX to the dance recital ('cause I always bawl when the wee ones take the stage for the first time!! Fer cute!)

  18. Finding a new restaurant, by accident, and loving it. (Firecreek in the Old Paper Mill in Downingtown for those nearby!)

  19. Finding the Tiffany earring I lost EONS ago because they are still my favorite (thanks, lovey xoxo)
  20. Kindness shown when it is least expected.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2009's Project Grateful {#3}

Saturday's Grateful List:

  1. "Morning pages" with Sirryha!
  2. Produce Junction and raspberries and strawberries for 2 dollars!
  3. That Sirryha is so well-behaved and helpful and FUN in the grocery store.
  4. Sirryha's love for clementine's and strawberries - "more, please."
  5. Hearing Sirryha speak in longer and longer sentences each week.
  6. A fun visit with Jan, Emma and Tessa (it went too fast, Jannie! Next time we start earlier!)
  7. The sound of kids laughing, running and playing. (Thank you, Emma, for being so kind to Sirryha today! She loved visiting and playing with you and Buddy!)
  8. Wild Harvest Organic brand Black Bean Tortilla chips, with no trans fats!
  9. Messages from Lyndee and Lar about Thanksgiving plans....we love the preparation and anticipation as much as the actual holiday! xo
  10. My sister Lisa, for sharing her vintage fabric stash with me. xoxox
  11. Cousins.
  12. Homemade soup weather.
  13. Trying new recipes that my family likes.
  14. My set of AllClad pots.
  15. Having so many wise women in my life.
  16. That Sirryha still wants to be held (they do grow up too fast!)
  17. Jurges family Christmas plans include more presence than presents again this year! We love having company over the holidays!
  18. Tomorrow's forecast includes SUNSHINE!
  19. Family owned quilt shops - love when the husbands pitch in even tho' sewing/quilting is clearly "not their thing!"
  20. Artists who upcycle and craftcycle like THIS brilliant idea! Every kitchen should have at least one of these!

Friday, November 13, 2009

2009's Project Grateful {#2}

(Sorry for the repeat image from last year...but seriously....I do so love FRIDAYS.)

Continuing with my's 20 things for which I am GRATEFUL:

  1. My sister Jackie...

  2. ...and that she lives 5 minutes away...

  3. ...and takes such good care of me (and everybody!) bringing me my favorite Starbucks drink, almonds, fresh fruit, and a yummy Kasi bar....

  4. ...and for manning my table at our company craft fair (thanks, Sister!)

  5. For my craft fair earnings which will help me restock my quilting thread supply!

  6. For a REALLY FUN (and REALLY DELICIOUS) lunch today with the West without Borders team.
  7. For old family photos.

  8. For fabric scraps from friends....that are my most favorite items to create with of late.

  9. For an extra hour alone to finally finish the binding on my scrappy CONFETTI QUILT (using Anna Maria Horner Good Folks, scraps, Jilliene!)
  10. That Sirryha still rushes over for HUGS when she walks in. xoxo
  11. That Sirryha loves to read with her daddy.
  12. That Teesha Moore posted YouTube videos of her lettering techniques (along with her other art journal videos.)
  13. For Target's prescription auto-refill service.
  14. For a planned date with AIMEE for a CROP DAY! xoxoxo
  15. News that a friend had a great first date (to counter a recent breakup).
  16. Finding cool jewel-tone sprinkles to use for holiday baking/chocolate making.
  17. WASHABLE paints for our little artist!
  18. For online free quilting and sewing project tutorials like this one and this one and this one.
  19. For movie and book recommendations from my cousin JoJo!
  20. For reconnecting with old friends. : )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009's Project Grateful.

Last year I played along with my WASSIMA peeps and posted 20 things I am grateful for, daily, for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Jilliene nudged me again tonight to play along...and so here we go.

In no particular order....20 things I am grateful for this moment:
  1. My ART TRIBE, and nudges and encouragement from them, like Jilliene's invite tonight : )

  2. Planning Thanksgiving dinner with the Gilmans/Cohens - our very favorite holiday. Cannot wait for that spiced turkey!

  3. That my nieces all love college.

  4. For Facebook, email, and texting, which helps us all stay in touch when we can't be together.

  5. That my sisters, in addition to being great sisters, are such good moms and aunts.

  6. Mikayla, who is the best PLANNER and found the PERFECT Christmas PJs for us this year at Old Navy!
  7. Plans with friends (like painting ornaments and making chocolate covered preztels at Jan's! Thanks, Jan, we can't wait for Saturday!)

  8. BFFs at work who always listen, provide a boost when I need it, and always, always make me LAUGH.

  9. The company I work for promotes and supports so many programs for giving back to our communities, and that I get to participate on some of the planning teams.

  10. People in power who DON'T "kiss up and kick down."

  11. That Rob never, ever, complains about my crafting/creative/sewing piles.
  12. RAKs and cards in the mail - I love snail mail!

  13. My weighted pin cushion and scrap bag combo next to my sewing machine! Best $4.99 I ever spent.

  14. Endless 40% off coupons at Michael's, AC Moore and JoAnn Fabrics!

  15. The drive-thru at Starbucks when it is raining. : )

  16. Whoever invented the little green-plastic-coffee-cup-hole-plug-sticks at Starbucks, so I don't have to curse out whoever invented the MOUNTAIN HIGH speed bumps in our parking lot at work! (seriously)

  17. TV's GLEE.

  18. iTunes

  19. GOOGLE LOGOS that make me smile, especially the Sesame Street ones this week. (Love that they catalogue the logos....why does that make me so happy?)

  20. Jeans passes at work!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shop Hop - Final Stop!

Whew! Thanks, Jan, for riding with me to the last shop yesterday!

My last stop was Generations Quilt Shop in time to shop (we were on our lunch hour....the shop is a 25 minute ride from the office so there you have it...Next time we will SHOP, Jan!)

Here is their take on the quilt...I loved the use of greens and pinks.
Now we wait to hear who all the WINNERS ARE!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

144 miles, 7 1/2 hours later....

...I made it to 5 more shops today! So close! I have one more shop tomorrow. This SHOP HOPPIN' business is HARD WORK!

OK....first stop this morning was in Byrne Sewing Connection. This shop is HUGE and is all about the machines and the classes. If I ever decide to REALLY LEARN how to sew/quilt....this would be a good place to get to know! (hee) Oh...and they had SILK fabrics and patterns for fabulous things...(spendy spendy, tho'!) Bonus points to them for thinking to have mini bottles of water for their guests! (Like JCrew stores. I think everyone should offer these....but not exactly GREEN, I guess). OK...I is their take on the SHOP HOP quilt:

Next stop was Country Quiltworks....this is one I could have spent HOURS IN. Lots of great fabrics (bonus points for also offering FAT 1/8ths!) and tons of patterns and samples everywhere. They had some Amy Butler that I hadn't seen elsewhere, and Heather Bailey patterns (no fabric tho! Am I destined to NEVER SEE THAT STUFF IN A DANG SHOP?) I scored the LAST strawberry pincushion kit! (lovely felts/wool bits)....but did not splurge for the $12 patterns. Ugh. Remember the good ole days when patterns were 50 or 75 cents? This shop gets bonus points for offering up an extra pattern with their quilt block for the Shop Hoppers. It's for a Christmas Tree made of fabric yo-yo's. Cute. Their quilt was done in black, white, and tans (sorry for the lousy was much lovlier in person!)

My haul!

They had a FULL ROOM devoted to patterns and books...and in the center was a twin bed with this gorgeous quilt: "I SPY" - all novelty fabrics....and some really lovely pillows. YUMMY fabrics, don't you think? The I SPY quilt is 6" blocks with squares appliqued in the corners somehow....clever clever....I need to look into that pattern!
Yum Yum....scrappy pillows.

Third shop was Granny's Sewing Den. They get bonus points for giving away a piece of fabric to each Shop Hopper! AND...instead of doing a full quilt? They made each block into a PURSE. How clever is THAT? (AND...they are raffling off one of the totes....a dollar a chance. WOOT!) Favorite find there was the retro Santa fabric (like MOM's SANTA MUGS, sisters!)

These purses were really well made. I'd be happy to win ANY of them...I forget which one is being raffled off. Not a fan of the fabric selection...but they looked great all grouped together. Very clever, eh?

My haul from Granny's! The black fabric with the Christmas balls on it was the "free gift." Very nice!

Number 4 stop today was Quilter's Corner....this is a shop I frequent fairly often....and since I was short on time...I dashed in and got my book stamped and zipped out. I wish I had time to linger...looked like they have lots of new bolts since I was there last. They are raffling off their Shop Hop quilt - you get one chance for every 10 dollars you spend! Nice! I saw some really cool retro or comic book strip looking fabrics that have you written ALL OVER THEM, Stella!! Gotta get back there soon to check that out.... here is their quilt:

And my fifth and final stop for the day was in Neward DE at Quilter's Hive. This shop is new to me also...TONS of space - lots of beautiful samples and nice selection of fabrics...I scored another piece of Amy Butler's Belle collection as my final purchase of the day! yippie!

I {heart} you, Amy Butler's Belle Collection, I do! to go PLAY with my new toys now!

2009 Fall Fabric Frenzy --Quilt Shops SHOP HOP!

The results of my first four stops on the SHOP HOP! The start of the Lizzie B quilt..."making fabric" for the hills. I think this is my favorite part of the process!

OK quilting are some peeks at my loot from the first four shops of the 2009 Shop Hop. There are 10 shops....I did two on Friday night after work, two yesterday afternoon. Plan to leave the house at 10:30 to do FIVE MORE TODAY....the sixth one if I can make it (otherwise it will have to be a mad dash tomorrow!)

SO....first stop was The Quilt Block, which is within walking distance of my work - (in the old Hawley House for those of you who know the area.) They had a BUNCH of the Lizzie B samples displayed (two rugs, the bean bag chair, a few large quilts and some of the smaller applique quilt pieces.) Love the PEACE themes these were capturing my attention. I bought the Peace Throughout the Land pattern and a few fat quarters and scraps to get me started. (Also scored a piece of black wool felt to add to my STASH. YUM. They carry lots of beautiful wools - but no brights for the type of things I want to make.) Their version of the Shop Hop Quilt was done in deep blue, maroon red and shades of green. It was beautifully done as is all of their work(sorry no pics!) I always love their displays in this shop.
No CLUE why these next photos are rotating! grrrr...

Next stop was Chester County Quilting....they have my FAVORITE scrap basket because it is completely RANDOM (sizes, cuts, fabrics). I scored some big pieces of coordinating fabrics, as well as some novelty prints (Eagles, Penn State) which will work for some items I am making for the Craft Fair this week....go me! Also bought two half yard cuts of a pink/cream and black on black damask prints - yum---(very Heidi Swapp, no?) No clue what they will become...but had!to!have!them! Their version of the shop hop quilt is pictured here - also beautifully done-very traditional. Wish I had more time to spend in this shop ... they are jam-packed with goodies. TONS of charm packs.

Yes...these were in the scrap basket! (you pay by the pound). Can you believe my LUCK? I KNOW!

Camera still a me these are much more fabulous in real life!

Yesterday was Steve's Sewing, Vacuum & Quilting....they didn't have anything new since I had been there last, so I settled for a few "tan" cuts that I need for the Lizzie B quilt. They did their Shop Hop Quilt in blues, white, and sunshine yellows. (I think Rob said is was his favorite so far. Hee. So fun when he notices and makes a pick!) Sirryha liked the dog bank that was at the counter for collecting funds for the SPCA, and the quilted cat piece on display (baby Dr. Doolittle!)
Must be the beautiful fall weather this weekend...but I am in love with these two! YUM

Then we made our way to the Fabrics on the Hill . Their Shop Hop Quilt was done with (wait for it! insert sigh and swoon!) Amy Butler fabrics (Daisy Chain) - gorgeous pinks, greens and teal blues. ( photo here again. How did I FORGET MY CAMERA AND PHONE? I will get back there for a pic, Cath! Promise!) They are carrying ALL OF THE NEW AMY BUTLER PATTERNS - but The Liverpool was SOLD OUT, Cath. I think she said she will be carrying the LOVE line....will definitely make it back for that!

They also carry a huge selection of really cool buttons. Could have spent hours playing among them...settled on one fab GREEN ONE (of course)....and some PEACE fabric (Robert Kaufmann, Flower Child) in the Earth colorway. Also bought a few fat quarters (Amy Butler, Midwest Modern2, hello, gorgeous!)

Stay tuned for the update on the next five shops! Heading out soon...(weee!)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I want ... be able to make cool art journal pages like Teesha Moore. CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE VIDEOS!

Trying not to covet the PAN PASTELS and COPIC MARKERS but ohhh...Santa, if you are reading along? They'd fit nicely in a stocking, no?

ho ho ho

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Thanks, Charissa!

...look how beautifully it bloomed : ) xo

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I need to learn to KNIT....

...I need some throw rugs and I really want a scrappy one....

and I TOTALLY WANT THIS!! STELLLAAA!! HELP!! how hard is this??


I can't have ZERO FRIENDS over there on the ole sidebar!
Pretty Please? anyone?

Just carved the CINDERELLA PUMPKIN my sister grew (thanks, Lisey!) and now I am surfing for good pumpkin seed toasting recipes...I must have 4 CUPS of plump juicy seeds!

Happy Halloween : )

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think that is the right word? Creating something new and useful from something that would otherwise be tossed? (or is it "UpCycle?" I like both.)

So you may recall the ORB quiltalong from a few months ago. And a bunch of my gals agreed to swap our scraps afterwards....and I have to tell you...I think I like the SCRAP BAGS better than my STASH lately (still so hard to CUT INTO THESE FABRICS sometimes! But give me a ziplock baggie of "scraps" and I can play and create for hours on end.)

And one of my favorite bags from the quiltalong swap was from Jilliene - who made her quilt using Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks fabrics (yum yum and yum). Her scraps were SKINNY...but lookie how SKINNY FABULOUS they look as bookmarks?
(thanks for being so patient, Jilliene! I owe you a scrap stash baggie!)

HOW-TO: Start with a substrate (these are Shout Color Catcher sheets folded in half lengthwise.) Lay your scraps of fabric down along one side, right side up. Stitch in place. Add another scrap of fabric next to it. Stitch. Continue til you have the look you like. Turn over and do the same with the other side. If you don't like the raw edges - fold a few scraps over the edges and stitch in place. You get the idea....
(I just noticed these look like psychedelic bacon strips the way they are laying on that highchair tray! Sorry...too tired to reshoot! hee)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh, Fer Cute!

Saw a tutorial on doll bedding yesterday and HAD.TO.MAKE.THESE.FOR.SIRRYHA! Lisey--recognize the fabrics? How perfect are these PILLOWS? weee! I have been wanting to get a proper doll bed for Sirryha .... but she hasn't really shown much interest in her baby dolls (would rather tend to her doggies.) : ) Lately, though, she is all about "naptime" so these are just right.
(and who says doggies can't sleep in a bed with pillows and a cover?)

Now off to bed for me....Monday morning will be arriving all too soon...