Sunday, July 29, 2007

Snail Mail Goodies!

How fun is THIS? Received some snail mail love this week from my blogger/ scrappin' classmate pal Aimee. How cool is this circle pocket minibook? And all the extra embellies, too! So sweet--thanks, Aim! I love it! (those flourish cuts are fab. so SWIRLY! LOVE THEM!)

Troll Bead Love (and lust)

For my friend Aimee....cannot get over that we are both Troll lovers!! I have had mine since last Valentine's day .... and still drool over the stories behind all the beads....the Blue Fizz (top) is my is so pretty-mine is a deeper color than the photo appears. "Three Siblings" is one of my favorites (in honor of my sissies! i am the 3rd of 5...and when you count the swirls from a certain get five...a stretch, I know...but it works for me!) the bottom one is the one Rob surprised me with on my birthday last year -"Valentine."
Someday (when I hit the lottery?) I will buy the silver/gold PLANET. How gorgeous is that one?
Hmmm...think I will go update my WISH LIST! : )

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week 28 - Emily's Art Journal challenge - What is Your Goal This Week?

Yeah!! Emily is back! (how gorgeous are those photos of Miss Yindi? So sweet.)
This week's prompt was "what is your goal for the week?" I always have PLENTY on my to-do list...but I focused on what I wanted to CREATE this week. So... my goal for the week was to finish the projects on my list before the weekend is over. Looks like it is going to be a long night...I only completed ONE of the four so far and it's SUNDAY again already.
This one did not scan well...the paper is MUCH nicer IRL! Paper is Amy Butler; tab is from K&C Company's Essential Pink File set; Pink ink is Stampin' UP!'s Pink Passion; DMC floss colors 718 and 470; pink rhinestones from a Cocoa Daisey kit; Pen is Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (superfine point, black)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week 27 - Ali Edwards' Prompt - for Emily's Art Journal

The prompt for this week was from ALI EDWARDS (sitting in for Emily)...and it was "Junk Mail." Of course, I love Ali's interpretation. How does she do it so effortlessly? In her hands, a piece of junk mail and some paint (I am guessing that is yellow paint?) and a pen and it becomes a work of art. Love her style. So...I set out this week to find something useful among the STACKS of junk mail that enter our home each day. How can there be NOTHING I can use??? Finally settled on the DELL catalog...the paper isn't the best quality for this project...but the colors were fun. What is it about the NAMES of colors that are so interesting to me? I think that would be the most fun job. Sitting around NAMING colors of products....appliances, fabrics, car paint, nail polish (the OPI colors?! YUM), crayons, paints, EYE SHADOW, fun. Who has these jobs and where do I apply??

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Week 26 -Emily's Art Challenge-"Celebrating Daughters"

A fitting prompt from Emily's friend Margie, after the arrival of Miss Yindi Willow (how beautiful is that name?)...."Celebrating Daughters."
This photo is of my six lovely nieces....journaling on back reads:

"I am not lucky enough to have children of my own....but I am lucky enough to have four sisters and one sister-in-law who have been blessed with a total of 11 children between them....six of which are my beautiful nieces. All very different -- all very special to me -- all fun to be around -- all bright and funny - all of whom I'd be proud to call my own. Love you, girls!"
Congrats to Emily on the arrival of her second beautiful daughter....and to my cousin Garrett and his wife Dana on the arrival of their first yesterday! (baby girls galore!)
Background paper--Flavia note paper; sticker tabs and words --KI Memories; "love" sticker-- Wonderful Words; black micron pen ;(not sure of the manufacturer of the little circle stickers letters-they are made to fit on brads--Making Memories, maybe?)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Amy Butler is the Shiznit

How fabulous is Amy Butler????

I want these chair covers.
And this QUILT!!
And a bunch of these skirts.
And don't even get me started on the purses..... but I don't want to SEW them!

I just want to wake up and HAVE them.

It's true.
Quite sad. But true!

(Do you think there is a "Make a Wish" foundation for the lazy?)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Help! Anyone out there recognize these?

I am trying to find the blogger who posted these favor boxes on her website - she made them for a friend's daughter's graduation party (if I recall correctly?) and I commented and asked for some details...which she provided in an edit .... but I cannot recall the blog/artist and I want to thank her! I made them for my niece's graduation and they were a hit (also resulted in the very best thank you note I have ever niece Emily is the most gracious young lady--the best thank-you note of the many things I love about her!)
ANYWAY...if anyone can lead me to the blog I would greatly appreciate it!