Sunday, September 14, 2008

The parade of the niece & nephew scrappies continues!

More scrappies to share! Emily is the oldest of my sisters' she can be TWENTY YEARS OLD is beyond me. She is in her second year of college (again--wha? college?) and these photos are from her visit in May over Memorial Day Weekend. Love this girl!

Loving the poloroid frame on Picnik...and the fonts. That is the extent of my 'photoshopping' expertise. I am SO not good at the digi stuff. I like the IDEA of it...but not gonna blow out any more brain cells trying to fight my way through that learning curve!

And so, I will stick to my papers and rub-ons and stamps and Mono-adhesive. Worked on this one all day on and off...was having trouble with my layering and angles - still not happy with all the wonky slanting....but in the end....I thought it wasn't half bad! (The bling is all pink--didn't scan well.)

And so to bed!! Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett!


Stella said...

omg your pages are GORGEOUS! I wish we had more time to create together!

Aimee said...

man- you are busy and you really have worked your way into another phase of your style haven't you....i am sensing evolution here and LOVE IT.

we have to get together in OCTOBER to craft- i will not take no for an answer

Mikayla said...

I echo Stella & Aimee's comments (ha ha-do I sound like a Scrapper?) Seriously-you amaze me-another beautiful work of art! Can't believe Emily is 20 either WAHHHHHHHHHH........Couldn't you have blogged my favorite watermelon photo of her instead---so I could pretend she is young? Ha ha Jackie

cynthia said...

Sooz wow, "frankly my dear I do give a damn" (I couldn't following your referance GWTW:) to say you are oscar worthy pages.

cynthia said...

oops forgot to to put the word make in the last post:)You know me.