Sunday, February 22, 2009

GAGA for CYNTHIA's A-gCA -zine!

"To promote and celebrate authentic experimental creativity in scrapbooking and mixed media art."

Cynthia, you are living it, my dear friend! Thanks for including me on your journey! xo

Oh I am so not worthy!
If you haven't already, hop over to A-gCA and lookie at the latest issue....
I am so grateful Cynthia and I found each other at INSPIRED last year (even tho' it was the LAST day and we didn't have a real conversation until we were home and exchanging emails/blog comments and phone calls!) Loving the creative inspiration she brings to my crafting world. Love that through her, I discovered SISTV and Miss Sandy, and all the other Leading Ladies she discovered & recruited! And now I am loving being a part of the A-gCA 'zine! xo

Um-yeah. I think I jinxed myself....

....with my cocky "2009? Bring it." banner!

I had such good intentions for JANUARY! Four projects to finish now that the holidays were over (three of which are LONG overdue!) and here it is the last week of February and only ONE of them is checked off the list!

Wha? where did the hours go? No need to answer that one.

Onward we I am re-re-re-organizing my desk area and craft space(s). And yes...the PLURAL is because I slowly take over every available surface in the house when I am in the midst of my projects. Doesn't everyone? I really do want to have my pretty dining room table cleared off and a lovely centerpiece installed. But it's the best surface for my sewing machine and cutting mat at the moment...guess I could scootch the PILES to one half so hubs and I can eat dinner there tonight for a change?

In the meantime---my $10 new craft table (another LSS closed. sad.) is smack dab in the middle of the family room. Note that it is NEARLY BARE. Not for long. I have the rest of the evening to get it properly installed in the corner (replacing the cardtable)....and by the time I head to bed, I am sure it will be PILED HIGH like a proper ART TABLE should be!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Sorry my Peeps! I have been a bad, bad blogger.
I don't call, I don't write, I don't post, I don't comment....

I will do better!

In the are some pretty pictures to tide you over. Happy Valentine's Day (a bit belated, but the roses are still gorgeous!)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

WASSIMA Art Journal Prompt {Week 33}

Today is WEEK 33 of our little deck of cards journal....
The prompt is "COMFORT" - this word has been in my mind for a few weeks now for a several reasons:
  • all the cold weather lately has had us staying in on the weekends, which has allowed us time to bake cookies, make pots of chili and last weekend we even made a roaster full of stuffed cabbages (oh the house smelled like GRAM's!) Yum. COMFORT food.

  • looking over my inspiration book for pages/ideas I want to 'scraplift' - one of my favorites for quite a while remains an Elsie Flannigan layout from her first book. The title was "Soothing," and the journaling read "the most soothing person I know" (about her friend Rachel) that...and lately I am especially grateful for my true "soft landing" peeps : )

  • and of course, creating ART in every form remains a big comfort to me....journals, scrapbooking, sewing, feathering the nest....all brings much peace to balance the "OVERWHELM bits" that crowd my mind, my time and my weeks!

So what equals "COMFORT" for you?

P.S. NOT a sports fan. But the Pittsburgh Girl in me is of course rooting for the Steelers. ["Go Stillers!"] But seriously, pre-game since 1 pm? Seriously?