Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hitchcock Blonde Kit Layout #2

Ok---here is one of the photos I could NOT WAIT to use with Cynthia's Technicolor Postcards Hitchcock Blonde kit. I knew it would a perfect match.

Oh yeah--my mom was indeed SKINNY FABULOUS. Her wedding portrait? Teeny waist (I couldn't have worn her gown if I had gotten married in SEVENTH GRADE!) I remember her always saying "it was a size five. Taken in." (And you wonder where I get the sarcasmo?)


Seriously--that platinum hair? Wish I could pull it off!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 15! WASSIMA Art Deck Prompt!

Today's prompt will be titled "SCAVENGER HUNT." To create your WEEK 15 card - you must use at least 4 of these 15 items:
  1. A fortune cookie fortune.
  2. Something you've had posted on your bulletin board or refrigerator that can be taken down now : )
  3. A spare clothing button (or buttons) from the stash you are SAVING JUST IN CASE when you damn well know you don't even HAVE the item of clothing it came with!
  4. An item from your kitchen junk drawer that you have no idea why it is there --maybe a washer (do you DO your own plumbing?) a key to nowhere? a GROSS of twistie ties? (seriously--how many can I USE in a lifetime?)
  5. A receipt you saved but is SO OLD the ink is faded beyond legibility.
  6. A Post-it/"Sticky" Note.
  7. An expired coupon.
  8. A cancelled postage stamp you saved because it was too pretty to throw away!
  9. A freebie address label that is not quite correct, but close enough that you saved it JUST IN CASE!
  10. A piece of lined notebook paper. Any style.
  11. A postcard you will never send (or one you received but are only keeping to be polite.)
  12. A paper clip or other "office supply" fastener.
  13. A reminder card to a dentist or doctor appt that has been rescheduled or already happened.
  14. A rubberband or elastic hairband.
  15. A piece of ribbon too short to tie into a bow, but too long (or pretty) to throw away!

See how easy it is to make art? Everything you need can be found in your "junk drawer" or catch-all basket or the bottom of your purse or bookbag or on your desk right in front of you. Can't wait to see what you CREATE! Please post a link to your cards in the comments--Aimee and I wanna SEEEEEE!

Happy Sunday!

P.S. I used 6 items from the list:

  1. Notebook paper is the base of the card;

  2. Rob's tuxedo pick-up reminder card from New Year's Eve (off on the fridge --the danger of those cool magnetic baskets is they FILL UP!)

  3. Fortune cookie fortune (from the bulletin board)

  4. Paper clip

  5. Postage stamp saved from a Tracy Porter catalog

  6. Piece of ribbon

P.P.S. Sorry for the crummy photo above. I first scanned it (see below)...but that just smooshed the pretty paper flower. When are they going to invent a scanner for 3D objects? : )

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Technicolor Postcards Hitchcock Blonde Kit - Layout {#1}

OK deep breath here....this is my first layout with Cynthia's fabulous HITCHCOCK BLONDE kit!

I can't tell you how much I have LOVED being along for the ride on this journey with my dear friend Cynthia! And to be chosen as one of her Leading Ladies for her design team - yikes! Beyond honored! And intimidated by the mega-talented other Ladies. It has been so good for my creative MOJO - totally inspired by these great girls and the SIStv Sisters....so good for my creative soul. So again--THANKS CYNTHIA for this opportunity!

Now--a little background for the idea on this layout. Everyone knows I never (ok SELDOM) like photos of me....but it doesn't stop me from wanting to have more (you know-it's a numbers thing. Gotta keep snappin' to get that one money shot!) And so I am TRYING to not run from the camera anymore. And tho' I don't have a lot of photos of me through the years...there are a handful that I actually DO love.

And this one? Oh yeah. I should always look so good!
Taken at my company Christmas party - first year on the job. 1994. Thirty years old. My date (ex hubby--Hi Tim! how ya doin?) was in the photo but his eyes were closed. So what did I do? I TORE HIM OUT AND FRAMED THIS LITTLE SMIDGE OF A SHOT of ME and it has been around since then. Yep. 14 years. WHA?

And so I scanned it. Shushied up the edges (removed Tim's arm - all in PAINT. I am so NOT digi!) took it into PICNIK and saved it a few different ways - decided I liked the B&W for this page (but oh yeah--I printed a BUNCH--dare me to use it in my Christmas cards this year? HEE.) AND voila - VINTAGE ME.

(As for the DEAR ABBY reference: as long as I can remember - the first thing I read in the paper was the Dear Abby column - [then my horoscope, the Word Jumbles and puzzles, comics and that's about it.] OK...so Dear Abby had that photo in her syndicated column that NEVER.EVER.CHANGED. for YEARS. When I saw a "real time" photo of her when I was about 12 or something - I thought - WHAT? How did she get so OLD? She looked great in the paper yesterday!

So this layout is about my "DEAR ABBY ETERNAL BYLINE PHOTO." I want to use this photo as my profile pic for the rest of my days.
Oh, and don't think it isn't being archivally protected so if I keel over before my DH or any of my sisters---they will have a lovely pristine image to send to the press for my obit!

You think I won't do it?

Pure Sunshine

SERIOUSLY. Does this make your whole face smile or WHAT? Her daycare "teachers" (as her dad calls them...cracks me up. He has called it "school" since she started there at 6 months old. hee.) ANYWAY....they gave Rob this photo when he picked her up last Friday.

I love how she wears her sunglasses but rips hair accessories out! Too stinkin cute.

Cannot wait for her to get here (1:30!). A week between visits is TOO LONG.

Happy Saturday!

(PS PICNIK rocks for those of us who are DIGITALLY CHALLENGED with the photo editing!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday {#8!}

Four fabulous girls from my office at the company golf outing. Oh I love the over-the-knee kneesocks!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Technicolor Postcards Kit IS HERE! HELLO GORGEOUS!

Can I share a sneak peek before I begin my frantic CREATING with this YUMMY kit?

I have lined up all the goodies...selected a basket to hold that which is not clipped up on my newly installed tension rod next to my work table (oh yeah. $2.99 at Target - the pink shabby chic clips were on sale for $1.24 for a pack of 7!! go me!)..and I am printing off the photos that are to live in fabulous style in the SKINNY BOOK (BLACK CHIPBOARD PAGES. OH YOU ARE BEYOND BRILLIANT MISS CYNTHIA!)
Please don't hate me because I have beautiful papers and yummy bits to play with! I would share if you were here, honest! (Or at least I'd let you watch. And maybe touch the papers. But only if your hands were clean! weeeeee!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pretty Maids All in a Row...

...how much you wanna bet my nieces will think I am referring to them as "cleaning ladies" rather than "maidens" -- 'cause you KNOW they won't get the Eagles song reference. Sigh.
But I wanted this for my title - only wish I could have found the dang Cheeseburger in Paradise business card or coaster that I snagged that day.....would have stapled it right onto the page!

Wasn't sure when to stop on this one...I think I went a bit overboard--but we'll see how the girlies like it.

Hugs to the pretty maidens! Thanks for being such pretty pretty princess subjects! xo

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday {#7} (oops! day late!)

Another reason I {HEART} Starbucks...they surround you with ART. How gorgeous is this? This is the wall next to the drive-thru window at the Bucky's nearest to our home. I want it in my HOUSE (and that cute new barista dude at the Bucky's by my work as a full-time latte-whipper-upper would be cool, too. I'm just sayin'.)

Happy weekend. It's gorgeous and I have the windows open while doing housework - makes it ALMOST better.

(But the barista dude who also does windows would be cool, too. I'm just sayin' is all!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ode to Kelly : )

In keeping with the CREATE SOMETHING EVERY DAY - I am steadily filling my latest binder with 8 1/2 x 11" layouts of my favorite photos that I have set aside to 'scrap this next!' -- JUST DOING IT. Trying not to overthink it and that is serving me well lately. (And yes--this one has hidden journaling on the back, too!)

Love you, Kelly! You are a wonderful friend and a STYLE GURU and gorgeous and funny and fun and a great inspiration to me.

{I need more PHOTOS OF ME AND MY BFFs!! }

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double Shot Espresso Energy Drink is to blame!

.....for my being awake until 3:30 a.m. last night (this morning). But I got through a few hours of taped TV shows and gathered up all the PURPLE I could find in my immediate stash surroundings and this is the result. Posted it to SIStv for the weekly Fashionista Challenge.

Not a big fan of PURPLE PAPER for layouts....but somehow I have acquired quite a bit of it (for specific projects and for the nieces, of course!) - so in keeping with the spirit of the challenge to 'use a color you normally wouldn't'---I went PLUM CRAZY (oh yeah. had to say it.) and slapped on all the PURPLE bibs and bobs and bits and pieces I could lay my hands on (well...without venturing too far away from my current corner crafting sector....that is, I did NOT venture into the belly of the beast that is the BASEMENT and start rooting through all THAT.)

I kinda like it! Not the 'purple crayon' color so much- but all the berry and plum colors out right now are calling to me. (Have you been in Anthropologie lately? PLUM YUMMY.)
Also -- I've taken to journaling on the backs of my layouts, too, when I don't have room on the front and/or when I don't want to post the "too personal" stuff. (Also leaves something for family and friends to find when they look through the actual scrappy books--rather than the online images.) I like Ali's idea of "love notes to the future" and the hidden or extra journaling tucked away appeals to me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Digi attempt,Take one.

Seriously---how cute is that FACE? that TONGUE? I had to do it...tried it DIGI....I think I'd like it if I could only figure out how to use/load BRUSHES....

But I still prefer my organic style of paper and scissors.

But seriously--don't you want to SQUISH HER?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The parade of the niece & nephew scrappies continues!

More scrappies to share! Emily is the oldest of my sisters' children....how she can be TWENTY YEARS OLD is beyond me. She is in her second year of college (again--wha? college?) and these photos are from her visit in May over Memorial Day Weekend. Love this girl!

Loving the poloroid frame on Picnik...and the fonts. That is the extent of my 'photoshopping' expertise. I am SO not good at the digi stuff. I like the IDEA of it...but not gonna blow out any more brain cells trying to fight my way through that learning curve!

And so, I will stick to my papers and rub-ons and stamps and Mono-adhesive. Worked on this one all day on and off...was having trouble with my layering and angles - still not happy with all the wonky slanting....but in the end....I thought it wasn't half bad! (The bling is all pink--didn't scan well.)

And so to bed!! Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett!

DOOD! You make me GRIN!

Another photo that I have had in my "to scrap stack" for OVER A YEAR (wha?) -- this is my nephew David (Mikayla's brother)....always good for a crazy look or funny face or witty remark. Love you, Dood!

And I SO cheated --the background is the cover of a greeting card catalog I received in the mail at work (Gina B. Designs....hope by giving them a plug here I won't be in trouble for using it? ephemera is ok to make art with, right?) Anyway--the paper quality on this catalog was really nice--as was the artwork. LOVING red and lime green together. And doodling. And birds. And SWIRLS {of course!}

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 13! WASSIMA Art Deck Prompt!

Week 13's prompt is about USING UP what you have. Pick up whatever has been laying around in your craft stash for FOREVER...or that you are hoarding or "saving" for heaven knows what...and JUST DO IT!

The background of my card is alphabet tape I bought at Five Below eons ago (I thought it would be great on a page of school photos of my nieces/nephews I was planning....but never managed to get to {yet!}) Feels good to USE IT UP.

She Shines : )

OK - working on a series of layouts of my gorgeous and much beloved nieces & nephews!! Here is Miss Mikayla, a few years back. As always, she shines...wish I were as photogenic as this girl! How pretty is this pose with the light hitting her hair? Thanks, Uncle Frank, for this photo! xo

Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday {#6}

It would be MUCH funnier if it said "DIVORCE ATTORNEYS"---but it still makes me laugh when I see it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Love having nieces in COLLEGE (Em and Jess!) - so proud of them going forth so bravely and (in Jessie's case!) FIERCELY! Love that they are so excited about being away from home and in school, and that they have made friends so easily.

Jessie's first email to me about her roommate was that they felt like they knew each for forever--that they were "coheeesive" -- love the lingo : )

This layout came together quickly with scraps and bits from my craft table and lots of inspiration from the SIStv gals'---lots of bright color and fun - which is how these smiles make me feel!

Love ya, Jess! xox {Photo by Jessie :)}
Now which niece/nephew wants to be next?

WASSMA! Art Deck - Week 12

Aimee's prompt this week is "FIRSTS" -- and how appropriate that just the other day Stellaaaaaaa! and I were talking about our first scrapbooks. I distinctly remember mine. 100% dedicated to SONNY & CHER. Through the years, I had several versions....but the first was done on the old-fashioned black scrapbook paper - three hole punched pages. Ohhh I LOVED CHER! I saved every photo and article from the newspaper, TV guide and fan magazines. I carefully cut them out and pasted them onto the pages....using construction paper to create titles. I wish I still had those pages---but I didn't take them with me when I moved out of my mom's house and somewhere along the way she pitched them. (OUCH. Note to MOMS: DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR KIDS' JOURNALS OR DIARIES OR SCRAPBOOKS!)

So this card is my ode to the first scrappies I created...back in the 70's of my IDOL, CHER. One of these days I am going to recreate my little Cher shrine (yup. I still save pics of her when I see them in magazines! silly, I know.)

Seriously---how cool was she? I would SO wear that jean jacket (still today!) and OHHHH how I wanted those SHOES. {BTW...I had both of these TV Guide covers in my collection....and I studied the pictures so closely that I remember realizing that these shots were from the same photo shoot even tho' the two covers were published THREE YEARS APART. (Yeah...disillusioned again!)}

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Art Deck CATCH-UP - Week 10 Card

OK--determined NOT to get behind on this! Aimee's last prompt was about GOALS. And oh that is SO not my forte. I like the IDEA of goal-setting....I fully support the goal-setters of America and abroad....I think everyone should HAVE goals and all....I just am not good at the planning and marking my progress. I just tend to GO and then STOP and then GO again.

Not that I recommend my technique. I'd much prefer I were born a planner and "get it all done on schedule and on time" kinda gal.

But I am not.

However...one goal (New Year's Resolution, actually) I HAVE pursued rather steadily this year is to CREATE EVERY DAY. Even if it is just a quick collage of pretty imagess from a catalog with some stamped words, some doodling and a few stickers....that counts, too!

Bring on Week 12! I am READY!

Images from PaperSource catalog;"GOAL" stamps - $1 set from Michaels; letter stickers, Making Memories; arrow sticker, Kelly Panacci, Inc.; date stamp, Staples; black journaling pen, Sakura Microperm 05; white zigzag is a rub-on.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday {#5}

What a great sport this guy is! This picture CRACKS.ME.UP. This is Ethan (age 15) - my nephew. Last weekend we were there for a cookout and he was the most gracious host to his much younger cousins. Of course they loved the attention of the BIG KIDS (Ethan and his brother Landon) and while Ethan was video-chatting with his friends (how fab is wireless?)--they snuck up behind him and in stage whispers gave Ethan lines to repeat -- had us all rolling with laughter. "Efan! Say 'these are my hands!'" "Efan! Say 'do you like my headband?'" The best was when Landon taught the little ones how to use a "bendy straw" to make "armpit fart noises" --- that was worthy of at least 45 minutes of fun. "Efan! Say 'oh excuse me! I have to fart'" Oh yeah. Good times : )