Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 15! WASSIMA Art Deck Prompt!

Today's prompt will be titled "SCAVENGER HUNT." To create your WEEK 15 card - you must use at least 4 of these 15 items:
  1. A fortune cookie fortune.
  2. Something you've had posted on your bulletin board or refrigerator that can be taken down now : )
  3. A spare clothing button (or buttons) from the stash you are SAVING JUST IN CASE when you damn well know you don't even HAVE the item of clothing it came with!
  4. An item from your kitchen junk drawer that you have no idea why it is there --maybe a washer (do you DO your own plumbing?) a key to nowhere? a GROSS of twistie ties? (seriously--how many can I USE in a lifetime?)
  5. A receipt you saved but is SO OLD the ink is faded beyond legibility.
  6. A Post-it/"Sticky" Note.
  7. An expired coupon.
  8. A cancelled postage stamp you saved because it was too pretty to throw away!
  9. A freebie address label that is not quite correct, but close enough that you saved it JUST IN CASE!
  10. A piece of lined notebook paper. Any style.
  11. A postcard you will never send (or one you received but are only keeping to be polite.)
  12. A paper clip or other "office supply" fastener.
  13. A reminder card to a dentist or doctor appt that has been rescheduled or already happened.
  14. A rubberband or elastic hairband.
  15. A piece of ribbon too short to tie into a bow, but too long (or pretty) to throw away!

See how easy it is to make art? Everything you need can be found in your "junk drawer" or catch-all basket or the bottom of your purse or bookbag or on your desk right in front of you. Can't wait to see what you CREATE! Please post a link to your cards in the comments--Aimee and I wanna SEEEEEE!

Happy Sunday!

P.S. I used 6 items from the list:

  1. Notebook paper is the base of the card;

  2. Rob's tuxedo pick-up reminder card from New Year's Eve (off on the fridge --the danger of those cool magnetic baskets is they FILL UP!)

  3. Fortune cookie fortune (from the bulletin board)

  4. Paper clip

  5. Postage stamp saved from a Tracy Porter catalog

  6. Piece of ribbon

P.P.S. Sorry for the crummy photo above. I first scanned it (see below)...but that just smooshed the pretty paper flower. When are they going to invent a scanner for 3D objects? : )

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amy said...

believe it or not my card is up.