Monday, April 30, 2007

Victoria, sweet Victoria!!

GUESS WHAT??? VICTORIA MAGAZINE IS COMING BACK!! YIPPIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! read about it here... I can't wait--I have MISSED this magazine....lovely lovely lovely. (And I still want these pink striped glasses--wouldn't they be perfect for an afternoon tea party?)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Head(ers) Up.

Did the BLOGGER gremlins just add that "add a picture" thing to the header template element -- or was I missing that all along?

Not the most impressive topper...but not bad for a rookie, eh? What's with the blurry type? (I should download the demo of Photoshop...I really should.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Susan Needs....

OK....saw this on a couple of blogs but didn't understand WHAT it was exactly--until I came across one that explained it. Seems the game is to Google your name (first name) + "needs" to find out, well, what it is you need, of course.

Curiousity got the better of me...
  1. Susan clearly needs demystification to help her recognize that she is much better at understanding language than she is at using it in school. (huh? wha?)

  2. Susan needs all your love and money an ugly millionaire dating online agency marriage men seeking love bureau. (well now that's just wrong on so many levels)

  3. Susan needs a set of t-shirts graced with silly cliches that, nevertheless, exemplify her willingness to step off the cliff of safety and follow her dreams. (now we may have something here.....)

  4. Susan needs to work on writing better songs. Songs that deal with more than lonely, sad, I can't have you. Susan needs to write "her age."

  5. Susan needs your help! $5000 needs to be raised to cover the costs of recording and manufacturing the CD. (Uh, right. Because those sad, lonely songs aren't selling!)

  6. Susan needs not respond. You have no class. What kind of decent respectful lady would use the kind of language you use. God help you. ...(and you as well. YIKES...that was a scary one. The author of that one was defending Mel Gibson I think?)

  7. Susan needs to slow down to increase her quality of eye hand foot control. (I think that one has something to do with sports and we all know I don't bend.)

  8. Susan needs help in many areas, from transporting kittens to cleaning litter boxes (who doesn't?)

  9. Susan needs to discard the bustle and loosen her corset. (leave my bustle out of it!)

And as proof that there is no original thought left....some of the entries were links to other Susans' blogs who played the game. And round and round we go.

Week 16 - Emily's art deck challenge

Week 16 - Emily's prompt was "get someone else to contribute." Uh-oh. I knew who I wanted to ask...and I knew how much he wasn't going to like it! (He always claims to be terrible at "arts and crafts.") But he played along like a good sport!

Card reads: "She said: 'Honey, will you contribute?' He said: ILY" then drew a heart around it and signed his name.

I love you, too, honey! xxoo

(Card was sanded, gesso-ed, then painted with Honeydew Making Memories paint {much greener than the scan shows!} and dabbed with Ranger's Adirondack Brights acrylic paint Dabber in Raspberry. arrows drawn with Faber-Castell Pitt pen, journaling Zig Millennium marker in Pure Violet, All-Night Media Brenda Walton alphabet stamps; "No." stamp from Stampin' Up!; black dye ink is Memories. Is it just me, or does everyone like to read the "recipes" as much as look at the art?)


Monday, April 23, 2007

Art Journal inspiration....

So very into my art journaling these days....and poring over others' journals. Revisiting my Somerset Studio's "Signatures" tonight...over 250 journal pages from 59 artists........(PLUS - it came with the 2003 Art Journal Calendar to clever are they to re-market an outdated calendar? and the paper quality is great - perfect base for altering.)
So in love with my new Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen (fine point)...learned from the guy at the art supply store that the reason I am trashing so many MICRON pens is because I press too hard--huh? didn't realize I was doing that! But this one seems smoother - and I love the density of the black -is that an Indian Ink thing?

Off to journal some is an (unfinished) piece I started on the weekend. I've had this alphabet stamp set for eons (Brenda Walters, All Night Media)---suddenly in love with it again for these pages--but I am missing the "F" - luckily, so far no F words have come up.....(which is really funny since I am such a CURSER. Guess I can alter the "E" when the time comes for some F words........)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Art Journal page....I need a PROMPT!

I think Spring has FINALLY decided to get here. Our daffodils bloomed yesterday (thought they were goners after the freezing temps last week....but they are resilient buggers, no?) Today it was 70 degrees...tomorrow is expected to be even warmer. I think Mother Nature is having hot flashes.

And so with Spring here....I am trying to get up the nerve to JOURNAL on this page in my art journal....did the background with a light watercolor wash in metallic blue...the sun and flowers are collaged from magazine pages (Veranda...these were all fabrics...pillows and sofas. The green was a photo of ivy or something....) Outlined them with Neocolor's (and felt oh-so-Teesha-Moore doing it!)....but now I am stuck. Don't know what I want to WRITE on it...or if I do? I need an EMILY PROMPT! ha. Maybe I will get my nerve up to stamp a little something....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Week 15 - Art Deck...."Parents"

This week, Emily's art deck challenge prompt was "Parents."

Been mulling this one over all week...decided on using my parents' wedding portrait -- with just a bit of jazzing up (Primo flower smooshed into a carnation boutonniere for my dad, some glitter glue highlights and swirls with a white Signo pen--which didn't work too well on the glossy photo paper.) Love this photo...but it's bittersweet because my dad died so young (at 40).

Journaling is a simple thanks for the best gifts my parents gave me (stories are too long and boring to anyone but me...they are about my dad sticking up for me and my mom always being there with a cool hand on my forehead when I was sick...nothing more soothing than the mom-magic- touch.)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Playing TAG!

Well as if being LINKED was not enough of a thrill for me, today I was TAGGED by Suzi Finer! (shut UP!). The object of the tag game is to "name five blogs that inspire you daily" do I chose just five?

In addition to the fabulous Ms Finer and some of the others she and Helle already are some of my favorite blogs/sites...inspiration and eye candy galore...

Teesha Moore - This woman is amazing. I check her blog for new entries daily---and though they are few and far between I don't begrudge her--the sheer NUMBER of art journal pages she has posted on her website make me wonder how many hours of sleep she can possibly be getting a night! Oh to have been at Artfest last month! Maybe next year... (direct link to her blog - let's start a campaign to ask her to post more often!)

Donna Downey: Another prolific one! Discovered her last March when I bought her Decorative Journals book ("Don't throw away your notes. Build pretty homes for them.") then took a class she taught. I've lost count of how many of the journals/minibooks I have made/gifted from her ideas....clever clever lady. She has more books in the works, she tells us...and a cd of FONTS coming, too. Can't wait! (And check out her latest pics of her studio...great organizational ideas. Oh-- and her "trash to treasure" handmade binder for her acrylic stamps....brilliant.)

Karalen Hippen aka Penelope Crackers: I discovered Miss Penelope (how great is that name?) through the Art Deck of Me Challenge on Emily's site. This girl is magic with a paintbrush! Love her stories and pictures of her family, too....what a dreamy life she has created....

Ali Edwards: "Capture Life. Create Art." The inspiring Ms Ali describes herself as a Life Artist. Love that. Love her work, her philosophy, her impeccable sense of design, her art. I admit to copying more than one of her minibooks...can't wait for her new book!
Kirsty Wiseman: In addition to being a great photographer and "digi" scrapbook artist (how kind of her to share so many free digi brushes?!? I have GOT to get Photoshop!)....this cool chick writes very entertaining posts. Love her stories--I want to hang with her!

Is that five already?! Thanks, ladies, for all the inspiration!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Painting inspiration

Had to post this pic...just loved this. When we were coloring Easter Eggs last week, my nephew David was very into painting an egg to look like a football ...(I think this boy has real creative talents....I am looking forward to more big things from him....but I digress....) anyway....David didn't last at the table as long as the rest of us....and after he left the room....I noticed his paint palette...

Doesn't it look like a CHOCOLATE BUNNY? (I added the eye and nose and pink part of the ear....but the rest was the random swirling of David's paint brush.)

Love that.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Week 14 Prompt - "Birds"

Would never have expected this prompt...but I like it! First thing I thought of was Corinne Bailey Rae's song "Put Your Records On"and the line "Three little birds sat on my window, and they told me I don't need to worry."

Here's hoping those birds find their way to my window!

EDIT: oops...had the paper credit wrong--fixed it here: Painted card pink, then with Gesso. Paper is Basic Grey Ghiradelli Square from the Pheobe line (LOVE THIS LINE!); Heidi Swapp "Martha" jewels; assorted sead beads-adhered with glitter glue; trusty black micron pen. Also printed the lyrics and attached to the back of the card (ala the 13Q radio station lyrics cards, Jack! )

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Eggs-cellent Easter Egg Painting Adventure

Last night I, my sister Jackie and her family continued our annual tradition of coloring Easter Eggs. A few years back, Jackie decided we should use acrylic paints...and it is now our preferred method (plus she slops the dye everywhere when she tries to dip the eggs... hee hee)

Here are a few shots of the bunch. Mikayla acted as art director and designed the Lilly Pulitzer line (and the photo shoot!).....David stuck with sports--did a few football-themed ones, and ordered a second photo shoot today because somehow none of his eggs made it into the Lilly line. Jackie did her old-standbys: ducks and carrots - and added a cute bunny and even goldfish to her repetoire (most crafty!!)
Thanks for the fun as always, Sissy--and for doin' all the prep- and post-work (but not for dippin' your "oops-gotta start over" paper towel into my drinking water!)

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

She did SO mean ME!

Ok...settle in...this is one of my LONG stories....

So after being out of computer-commission for a few weeks---I get back on track with my Emily (yes, she is a Goddess) Falconbridge Art Journal Deck of Me challenge....and I am cruising along...getting my cards finished and scanned and posted...and lo and happens.

THAT'S RIGHT. Artist/Writer/Retailer/Mom--and then some.

And yes...I wrote and thanked her. And told her I was honored (probably have since gushed enough that she fears I am a single-white-female stalker type. But we all know I am not. Not really. Not in a dangerous or creepy way at least. Just geniuinely giddy over it!).

So.......I brag to my hubby..."guess what!! my blog was LINKED to a real artceleb! she said 'heard lots about you!' "and he says...."uh, do you think she thinks you are the famous one?" And then I tell this all to my artist/art director pal at work, and he goes "oh yeah, they think you are the famous one." Meaning the Susan Gilman of "Susan Gilman and Company" (yes...the manufacturers rep - the one every LSS owner asks me "are you THE Susan Gilman?" - like what, no disrespect, but does she walk on water or something? "Uh no. I am not THAT Susan Gilman. Would I be droppin' 60 skeet FULL RETAIL if I were? May I just have my frequent buyer card stamped, please?")

I refuse to buy into their negativity!! (but NO...I have not written back and asked "um...did you really mean ME? Not the famous one who could probably give you really cool product swag?") I will hold on to the feeling as long as possible! That's right. I have arrived.

(Can you imagine if I ever get PUBLISHED??????)

But the story doesn't end there.

From Suzy Finer's fabulous blog (is her banner gor-gee-ous or what??) - I found the woman featured in the latest issue of ME's Home Companion magazine. Have your seen this??? I went out last Friday night for a Barnes and Noble run to pick up a copy when I read Rhonna Farrer featured....and double my delight--there was the layout of Mary Smilove's soiree....did I want to leap into the pages or what? And guess who she is friends with? That's right. She and Suzy are friends. Suzy helped Mary with her blog banner when Mary joined the blogging cult last month. The connections go on from there -- but I'm not one to name-drop.

Now won't all the nay-sayers be feeling silly when my new friend Suzy offers to create MY banner? (Do you think it is too soon to impose? hmmmm....what would Ali Edwards do?)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Week 13 - Art Journal - ALL CAUGHT UP

WHEW! All caught up! This week's prompt is "what's on your mind?"
Easy one. It's April. Taxes. Budget. Bills Bills Bills.
Paper - Emily pack; Prima flower and large brad; 7Gypsies stamp; Joanne Fabrics' - alphabet brads.

Week 12 - Art Journal.."I Believe...."

Great prompt...."I believe..."---so many directions this could have gone in...but this seemed more appropriate for me at the moment....card reads "I believe in the healing power of art."

This card didn't turn out the way I envisioned it...but I decided no "do overs" in this project---so here it is....warts and all : )
Thanks, Emily, again, for the inspiration!
Paper - page from a promotional catalog; Micron pen; "Art helps me breathe" stamp - Catslife Press; collage letters - Tim Holtz; "No." stamp - Stampin' UP!; rub-on numbers- Heidi Swapp.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Week 11 (almost caught up!)

Week 11's prompt was "Your Initial...."
Perfect chance to use my glitter stickers I have been wanting to try since Shimelle's "I Have a Confession" cover...LOVE THESE THINGS!!
paper-from my Emily pack; sticker initial and label - Making Memories; rhinestones - Joanne Fabrics' dollar bin; Heidi Swapp number rub-ons...Stampin' Up! "No." stamp...Micron pen....still loving the doodling....

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Week 10 Deck of Me Art Journal...

Moving along...this journal prompt came during a spell of tough days at the office....that spilled out to tough nights at home...when is this lesson going to STICK? - Treat yourself and your loved ones with tender loving care. Period. The rest will work itself out.
Take good care of each other....

paper from the kit I bought from Emily she herself when I started this art deck...ribbon left over from a Crop Room kit (thanks, Aimee!)...Micron and Pitt brush pens...doodling inspired by Zettiology stamps I am coveting..."No." stamp from Stampin' UP!, rub-on numbers from Heidi Swapp...glitter glue dabs 'cause I thought it needed some subtle bling : )

WEEK 9 - Art Journal Deck of Me - "Inspiration Found"

The prompt for week 9 was "Inspiration Found" -- and again... I can't limit my response to just one thing! I am inspired at every turn these days...a few of the people/things that have most captivated me lately are: (in no particular order!) Teesha Moore and her art journals....Sally Jean Alexander and her book "Pretty Little Things"...Donna Downey and her classes....ALI EDWARDS....blogs blogs and more blogs....paper crafts and collage...and ETSY shops. And so much more....but I need to move on to the next prompts! Still behind!

Week 8 - Art Journal - Deck of Me

Week 8's prompt was "who or what do you miss?"

As Spring nears...and my need to simplify my cluttered life has me "ruthlessly editing" that which I hoard...I keep coming back to the PILES of magazines I have accumulated over the years. Alas, there are some I just CANNOT toss out. Among back issues of VICTORIA Magazine....which has been out of publication for several years now. And I still really miss it. I still find inspiration and beauty in any issue I could the Hearst Publishing folks cancel this magazine ??? I should start a grassroots effort to bring it back!