Saturday, September 27, 2008

Technicolor Postcards Hitchcock Blonde Kit - Layout {#1}

OK deep breath here....this is my first layout with Cynthia's fabulous HITCHCOCK BLONDE kit!

I can't tell you how much I have LOVED being along for the ride on this journey with my dear friend Cynthia! And to be chosen as one of her Leading Ladies for her design team - yikes! Beyond honored! And intimidated by the mega-talented other Ladies. It has been so good for my creative MOJO - totally inspired by these great girls and the SIStv good for my creative soul. So again--THANKS CYNTHIA for this opportunity!

Now--a little background for the idea on this layout. Everyone knows I never (ok SELDOM) like photos of me....but it doesn't stop me from wanting to have more (you know-it's a numbers thing. Gotta keep snappin' to get that one money shot!) And so I am TRYING to not run from the camera anymore. And tho' I don't have a lot of photos of me through the years...there are a handful that I actually DO love.

And this one? Oh yeah. I should always look so good!
Taken at my company Christmas party - first year on the job. 1994. Thirty years old. My date (ex hubby--Hi Tim! how ya doin?) was in the photo but his eyes were closed. So what did I do? I TORE HIM OUT AND FRAMED THIS LITTLE SMIDGE OF A SHOT of ME and it has been around since then. Yep. 14 years. WHA?

And so I scanned it. Shushied up the edges (removed Tim's arm - all in PAINT. I am so NOT digi!) took it into PICNIK and saved it a few different ways - decided I liked the B&W for this page (but oh yeah--I printed a BUNCH--dare me to use it in my Christmas cards this year? HEE.) AND voila - VINTAGE ME.

(As for the DEAR ABBY reference: as long as I can remember - the first thing I read in the paper was the Dear Abby column - [then my horoscope, the Word Jumbles and puzzles, comics and that's about it.] Dear Abby had that photo in her syndicated column that NEVER.EVER.CHANGED. for YEARS. When I saw a "real time" photo of her when I was about 12 or something - I thought - WHAT? How did she get so OLD? She looked great in the paper yesterday!

So this layout is about my "DEAR ABBY ETERNAL BYLINE PHOTO." I want to use this photo as my profile pic for the rest of my days.
Oh, and don't think it isn't being archivally protected so if I keel over before my DH or any of my sisters---they will have a lovely pristine image to send to the press for my obit!

You think I won't do it?


Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

Wouldn't we all like to look that good! I love that page! It is awesome...

cynthia said...

Oh DEAR sooz. Could I laugh more:) how do you come up with this stuff:) you are so clever:) as you know I am loving the page:) I am beyond honoured to have you apart of the leading ladies:)and my friend:)

amy said...

ok i LOVE your idea for this weeks card prompt. i LOVE your hitchcock blonde layout. and i LOVE your sense of humor!!!