Sunday, January 11, 2009

We need to hear from the WASSIMA ART DECK JOURNALERS!

Hello all. We need some feedback, please! {No, seriously! We want to hear from you! Pretty Please? There is a GIVEAWAY* FOR THOSE WHO COMMENT HERE OR ON AIMEE's BLOG ABOUT THIS POSTING!}

Aimee and I started our "WASSIMA ART DECK JOURNAL" back in June - intending it to be a 52 week project. Today marks Week 30, and we are considering stopping for several reasons:

First: a few who have played along are willing to stop now and just go with Emily Falconbridge's weekly 52Q project she started again this year (she inspired our version when we did her "Deck of Me" in 2007.) I am doing Emily's this year either way. I am happy to stop our little version and go with the "real deal!" (hee)

Second: we don't really know how many of those of you who started/were interested originally are still playing along? If you are out there and playing and want to finish -- please speak now or forever hold your peace!

For those who commented and participated - our sincere thanks. I hope to see you in the Flickr Group for Emily's 52Q this year! (Mine is posted there already! Go me!)

OK....those who post a comment about the WASSIMA ART DECK JOURNAL question here or on Aimee's blog between now and Wednesday, January 14th, will be entered in a drawing to win a little package of "Sooz's Surplus" scrappy/crafty/art journally goodies. {Except it will be a real package, mailed to your very own real home. Not just that digi-box pictured here. In case you were thinking this is some kind of cyber scam. hee}


dodi said...

Well... as you know, I was "in" and then I was "out" and then tried it one more time, and then failed. And man, I hate failing at anything! But I tried. And have some cute little cards to show for my efforts... thanks for doing it.

Looking at both your and Aimee's cards were SO inspiring (and intimidating at the same time!)

I can see why you might want to skip over to Emily's tags...cute!

Good Luck with whatever you do. you both have some serious talent!

Ginny said...

I've been following along, but yet to actually make something. I haven't done anything creative in awhile though, hoping to get out of slump this year & soon! Sorry not much help from my end :)

Stella said...

OMG! Please don't stop! I'm almost caught up. Ok Ok, if you'd rather move onto the tags, that's fine. I can just dig up the old art cards off Emily's blog and finish up with those. :) I plan on doing her tags too! SO CUTE!

and OMG, i would LOVE to win one of your goodie boxes! You completely spoiled me at xmas and I tell people ALL THE TIME about all your goodies and even how you wrapped them. You inspire me even when you're not even trying!! :)

amy said...

yes i am fine to do emily's as i said previously. i am more into tags right now anyway and am creating another 52 week tag extravanza for 2 more of my sisters!!! i did however post a week 30 prompt on my blog. let me know. i say lets go for emily's!!!