Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hello ladies! Thanks for your patience...was having trouble with internet connectivity last night so I didn't get online to do the "drawing."
OK...we had five total replies to the call:
1 dodi said...
2 Ginny said...
3 Stella said...
4 amy said...
5 jen said...
ME (calling to DH in the other room): "Honey--pick a number from 1 to 5!"
HE: "Why?"
ME: "It's for my first blog giveaway!"
HE: "Huh?"
ME: "Come on! Just give me a number!"
HE: "How does that work?"
ME: "I have a list of five names! Whichever number you pick is the winner!"
WEEE!! And that makes STELLA!!! our winner! I will let you know when the package is en route!
Thanks for playing along, ladies!


Stella said...

I am soooo excited!! I know your goodie box will inspire lots of new projects! Just wish you could hand deliver it so we could play with our crafty stuff together!! Miss you!

dodi said...

oh pooh! :(

But congratulations Stella!!! yeah for you! I just know you will make something wonderful from it. Please post -- I like to lurk at your blog too! ;)

Thanks for letting me play Sooz and Aimee! Can't wait to see what your creativity brings in Emily's challenge...I just know I will be admiring many wonderful pieces from both of you!!!

Stella said...

Dodi, i will definitely post what's in my box and what I make with it! I have a lot of projects lined up, just need to dive in and start creating!! :)