Saturday, January 31, 2009

WASSIMA Art Deck Journal Prompt {Week 31}

Sorry I am still BEHIND on this! Week 31 was JANUARY 18! WHA? Where did the month GO? I am not done with my LIST OF STUFF TO DO yet!
OK..enough moanin' about. Gotta just DO IT. I know, I know.

So here is the prompt for Week 31: "What 3 words would you like people to use to describe you?"

This was a question I was given in a "personality quiz" at a job I had many moons ago... and it has always stuck with me. I think my answer at the time was "fun, smart, pretty" (don't judge! I was young!)

Fast forward 20-some years, and my answer today is not much different. I'm going with "fun, funny, artist." How about you?

(Pretty Please post links to your cards in comments here so we can see them!)


Aimee said...

hey ---love this- i want to do this prompt---

guess what? everything is 65% off at the cropping station. AHHHHHH

Aimee said...

got it done....