Saturday, January 24, 2009

So behind! First things first!

OK... I owe my lovely niece MIKAYLA a birthday SHOUT OUT (She turned 14 on the 16th!) So HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mikayla! This one's for you and your birthday party peeps!

{Hi girls! Leave a comment here and you will get a special treat from Aunt Susie!} xoxo

Birthday Princess!

Tribute Wall for Miss Mikayla...14 years in photos. (Great idea, Jackie! xo)

{How much do I love this photo? xo}

BFF & Lady-in-Waiting, Olivia

BFF& Lady-in-Waiting, Curran!

BFFS & Ladies-in-Waiting Lucy and Catherine B!

BFF & Lady-in-Waiting, Candace!

Oh I could go for a big slice of this cake right now! Was as yummy as it was pretty!

Flowers for the birthday girl from her Aunt Carol!

Prince David (Mikayla's brother) & his pal Davis served as Waiters for the evening!

Proud Parents & their Princess!

{Oh...and of course every Royal Family needs a Court Jester, right? You are fun, David!}


Niki said...

How cool! I love the crowns - and the cake - and the awesome 14 years of Mikayla wall! Way cute idea! Happy Birthday Mikayla! Looks like you had a great time! xoxo miss you lots! :) Aunt Niki

Anonymous said...

This was soo much funn! We all look like royalty in our gorgeous crowns! This night went by way too fast though! David was a very good bartender too!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with OLIVIA!!! Mikayla told me to write "Your favorite friend of Mikayla's".... Curran <3

Mikayla said...

Choochie-You are so talented! Thanks for photographing & journaling so much of our lives :) No party would be as fun without you! xoxo Your Favorite Sister (only kidding)

Love all the BFF ladies in waiting! And yes Olivia, we will make time to sit around the table and talk when you are all at your different high schools----I'm just happy you will still want to! xo Mrs. S.

Cameron said...

Happy Birthday, Mikayla! Sooz, you are so stinkin' cool. :) Great party photos! :)

Cynthia said...

Mikayla you have the coolest Aunt!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!