Sunday, January 11, 2009

My New Year's ARTFUL Resolutions

Yes, I realize it is January 11th already. And most people are all decided about their New Year's Resolutions by the 1st. But this year is starting out for me much like last year ended....too much cluttering my mind (and desk, and living and work spaces.)

So I am easing into it all.
Loving weekends with NO.WHERE.TO.GO. (Two in a row!) Loving getting things actually CHECKED OFF my lists (rather than the lists just continuing to grow and grow...)

This blog has mainly focused on my creative endeavors--and I like it that way. Nice to have some neat parameters to work within (as the rest of life is not nearly as tidy!) So I am happy to share a few resolutions for the ART side of my life (the list is longer than this...but here is where I am starting):

  1. Chose ONE LITTLE WORD to focus on in 2009, inspired by Ali Edwards. (This is the third year I've done it, and by FAR it's been the hardest year for me to pick just one word. But more on that later.) Really incorporate my word into my daily art & life.

  2. INVITE my friends in more - to play/create/or just hang. I didn't do this much AT ALL last year...but this year I am taking Erma Bombeck's advice and NOT waiting 'til the carpets are clean or my dining room is back in pretty, pretty princess order. Real friends don't care about that, right?

  3. Keep everlastingly at it. Whatever it is. My art journals, scrapbooks, sewing projects, home decorating/organizing/reorganizing projects. Don't give up because it's too messy or cluttery. {And hug and kiss my hubby, again, for honestly accepting the mess/piles EVERYWHERE and not being bothered by it! xo}

So Hello, 2009. Welcome. So very glad you are here!

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