Sunday, January 11, 2009

She's Back! 52Q Art Journal with Emily Falconbridge!

Weee! That's right. Emily Falconbridge is back to the weekly art journal project this year, and I am ALL IN!

In 2007, it was the "Deck of Me" using a deck of playing cards as the base. This year Emily is using shipping tags -- which I LOVE.....but..... keeping with my USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE/REPURPOSE plan...I decided to use this little batch of pages I had created last year (thinking I would make a mini art journal to tuck into my purse.)

But that didn't happen and they have just been sitting in one of my piles.

I had already coated some with a layer of GESSO. I had even tried to bind them into a little accordian book using self-stick index tabs and book binding thread, but it didn't work the way I envisioned, and yet I still couldn't part with them! (PACKRAT!)

So....I took them out last weekend and started playing around with them again. I counted out about 20 pages already prepped (Gesso'd) and I easily made up the difference (to get to 52 pages) with a quick paging-through of a few magazines on hand. (With such a HUGE amount of free SUBSTRATES (yep, still love that word, Inspired Peeps!) to chose from, you can afford to be selective and only use the ones with a pretty font (the new Creating Keepsakes ones) or wording (Somerset Studio, OPRAH) or border (MEs Home Companion) or photo (Vanity Fair, Martha Stewart Living) that you like. Or just GESSO over the whole thing. Or add patterned paper or fabric scraps. You get the idea!)

And I like it! I gave up on the crazy binding I had attempted and made a simple template for punching two holes in each card --two binder rings holds it all together.And I love, love, love the cardboard/kraft paper look of the Amy Butler scrapbooking supplies packaging - so I used that from one of her sets of fabric tags for the mini-spine (built-in jute loop for a hanger! wee!). And those typewriter key letter stickers on the cover? From my archives! Bet they are more than 10 years old. In love with all things TYPEWRITER again.

Inside front cover: (notice one coat of Gesso doesn't completely cover the text. But I am ok with that.)

QUESTION #1 was "What Do I Wish for This Year to Bring" (I am writing the question on the front, and my answer on the back.)

{Note: the MULTIPLE POSTS today are brought to you by Eagles and Steelers football games (occupying DH all day!) Here's hoping for an EAGLES/STEELERS SUPERBOWL!}


amy said...

i love it sooz!!!

Cynthia said...

Hello Artist -
As a fellow Inspired 2008 member (I came with Jilliane) - and a participating member of the Art Deck Challenge - I would love to see you gals continue - however I realize that it does take time - a precious commodity these days - anyway - I have completed only 3 of the cards but have printed out all of the weekly challenges and carefully pasted them into a notebook so I can work on them when i have time - AND to make a long story even longer - as a creature of habit - while I have a humungus bookmark list of blogs I check out almost daily - I never leave comments - just don't - not because I don't want to - just not in the habit - even had some complaints from friends about me not commenting on their blogs - so.... I would love it if you gals continue - would make an effort to leave comments and post pix of my cards - and understand if you chose not to -
Thanks - Corvus

Jilliene Designs said...

hi Sooz _ i just love this project and your dedication to the recycle philosophy. You are amazing. I wish I could do this one but with school staring it would just be one too many things. Hugs!

cynthia said...

Hey Sooz- Loving this so much. I might have to try some of the gesso:) And what a giveaway I missed. so sad. Little miss talented:)

Chris said...

Hi Sooz,
Love your blog and I am also doing the 52Q. I am using some old shipping tags I had on hand but your idea to use junk mail is very clever.
Re the quiltwall in my studio, it is a piece of white flannel thumbtacked to the wall. For some reason you can put pieces of fabric on it and they just stick. I will warn you, though, that if you vacuum the rug or have an open window, the breeze or wind will blow them off.