Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanks Tracy! xo

How cool is this? TROLLBEADS have come up with this fun marketing campaign....they distributed SMILEY BEADS around the world, and those who received them (collectors and retailers) are to place them where others will find them.

And lucky me! My BFF Tracy received a batch of them and hid one for me and one for our BFF Kelly to find yesterday at work! You can imagine the excitement that ensued!

Like Christmas all over again! Thanks, Trace! xoxoxo

Some more pics of my YELLOW SMILEY BEAD (oh yeah. already on my bracelet! First thing I did when I got home!) and the card it was attached to:


jenwcom said...

i LOVE your new blog design!! so *tweet* (:

what a fabulous idea. i've never heard of the smiley beads! so cool that you received one!

Aimee said...

love , love, love it--- is tracey a retailer of just an avid collector?

so, so fun...

i got some new beads from miss kate for christmas---can't wait to show you on the 23rd

Cameron said...

What kind of bracelet is this where you can just add beads willy nilly? Sounds cool, I want to know about it!