Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ready? LET'S GO!

This week starts our WASSIMA Art Deck Challenge....each Sunday Aimee and I will take turns posting a prompt---those participating, please link your creations to the comments so we can follow along....the best part is seeing/reading every one's interpretations each week.

You can imagine the PRESSURE to get this first Prompt going!! Oh my. How to compete with Emily Falconbridge - SHE-GODDESS HERSELF!?!? For me, these cards are a true "Ode to Emily" because I LOVE her work and her mini art challenge was my favorite project EVER.

This is also an "Ode to Aimee" because she has been such a great CREATIVE FRIEND to me since we met serendipitously at a Donna Downey class in 2006 and started our BLOGS together afterwards, and have stayed BFFs as creative muses to each other...and that led to the INSPIRED event when our girl Aimee brought me so many more friends into my blogging/creative world!! And do you know why? BECAUSE SHE IS SNOW WHITE! She is the friendliest most open and welcoming lady.....she is fairy dust and fun and makes it all better when I am with her!! (And she hates that I call her SNOW WHITE because she insists she has a "bad girl" persona - whatEV....she is forever more SNOW WHITE TO ME!)

And THAT, my friends, inspired this week's PROMPT!

WEEK ONE PROMPT: "Which princess are you, or do you WISH you were?"

Most every girl at some time or another wants/wanted to be a PRINCESS. The DISNEY franchise is overflowing with them....from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty and Ariel and of course SNOW WHITE. Maybe you wanted to be Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, or Princess Grace or maybe you just created a wonderful fantasy world in which you were the Princess of your own kingdom? (Or, if you, like Aimee, dream about having that BAD GIRL thing goin' on, maybe you wanted to be the EVIL WITCH in the story?) Do tell!

For me, my favorite Princess stories as a child were Cinderella (the Lesley Anne Warren version, not the Disney version!) and Sleeping Beauty. My sisters and I watched Cinderella EVERY YEAR when it was on TV....I still love it! But the book I loved the best was this miniature, fat book of Disney stories....Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel and Cinderella were all in it (again--I didn't like the BLONDE Cinderella! I was loyal to Lesley Anne!)....but I loved the Sleeping Beauty photos with her long gorgeous hair and fairy godmothers and the whole "one true kiss" mess! (SWOON! cue the chirping birds and fairy dust!)

And so...I give you my coloring book page recreation of Sleeping Beauty....with a bit of Glinda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz thrown in for good measure...because oh I wanted to wear the fairy godmother costumes most of all when I was a kid!

Swirls, my friends!! Cannot wait to see what you create!
Coloring book page printed onto regular copy paper, colored with PrismaColor pencils, metallic ink pens, radient pearls 'Golden Honey' on her hair, antique glitter on his cape. Stickers on front are Making Memories; Glinda sticker on back is cut from a bookplate; DREAM stamp is Dawn Hauser for Inkadinkado; Corsage pin from Joanne Fabrics; gold wire from Stampin' Up!; crushed velvet ribbon from Maya Road; edges gilded with Gold Prismacolor ink pen; date stamp on back from Staples; black journaling pen is a Sharpie fine point.


Jilliene Designs said...

Allrighty - this is a good challenge for me - I need to look at the world through a princesses eyes AND I need to get creating. I'll post my pics ASAP. I love your card - it will be tough to follow!

Aimee said...

you are so wonderful.. i love you. the prompt is awesome and i think i have some ideas...

what will i do to follow this one....mmmmm

love the card- it is so swirly and swoony. PERFECT. i always wanted to be GLINDA too--- loved her wand and her puffy dress.

i will try to do this card today and post to get this started

Emily Falconbridge said...

such a cool prompt! i'm SOO glad you are continuing on with this - i wish i was too...most of the time ;)
i'm excited to see what you do!
em xxx

amy said...


Aimee said...

okay- i am posted- how did the amazing emily falconbridge find out about this--- man alive-- she is so uber cool i could just do the wave right here in my kitchen just for her.

my card is up...

amy said...

ok my card is up too.

Cynthia said...

Ooh ooh I want to do this. Oh how I love Princess's!!! And so believe all us girls are Princess's. Thanks for the awesome post:) ANd I love your blog banner choice:)It's my of yours:)

AndromedaHeightz said... the work...just wanted to say i borrowed one of your images (GLinda the good witch) *temporarily* on FaceBook to promote the NSPCC challenge (of childhood memories)

...I didn't realise it was your photo so hope you don't mind I credited your blog page too!

When you have a minute pleas check out my blog pages and *wishing events or you can find me on Facebook.

AndromedaHeightz xxx
((Many thanks for your time))