Wednesday, January 28, 2009


YIPPIEEE!! Best thing ever? SNOW DAYS off work. Second best thing ever? 2hr delay (which is what we have today!)
So what does that mean for me today? Time to catch up on the ole blog and look up the artists whose work I have BEEN DROOLING OVER in the (first!) issue of Art Journaling magazine (oh yeah, Somerset Studios can't stop themselves. How many publications can they crank out? Apparently the number is A GADRILLION. And I WANT THEM ALL.)
On Sunday night I was working on my FABRIC JOURNAL PAGES for the Inspired girls swap (thanks, Stella! lovin' this project!) and I really needed a new beading needle (I had MANGLED the one my BFF Tracy had given to me earlier this month! Those skinny buggers don't take too kindly to being shoved through two layers of fabric PLUS quilt batting. whatEVER.) So....I zoom out to Jo-Anne's with my 40% off coupon....grab the pack of needles (ok, and some sequin trims - 25 cents a pack! but that was IT. Don't NEED ANOTHER THING. [not in the budget either, remember?!]) But then....
...I saw it.
Just as I approached the checkout line. The MAGAZINE RACK....and the 10% off sign. OH MY. AND THERE IT WAS. THE FIRST ISSUE OF ART JOURNALING MAGAZINE.
With a BIRD ON THE COVER. (When did I start loving hand-drawn birds? Bluebirds, especially?)
AND PAM GARRISON's name in big letters on the cover!
So, yeah. I brought it home. And am IN LOVE AGAIN with art journaling....(and by association/blog-hopping from Pam Garrison's blog all things shabby chic and pink and frilly and soft and romantic and hand-stitched and hand-sewn and hand lettered and why do I have to go to WORK?)
Which means I now HAVE TO HAVE COPIC markers (because that's what Pam uses sometimes and clearly THAT is why her lettering/drawing is so much more fabulous than mine. Right? I am just NOT USING THE RIGHT MARKERS!)
See how easy it is?
Stay tuned for more obsessions with art/sewing-projects-I-don' up is my "oh I am so doing that" stitching sampler idea from Rebecca Sower on that piece of linen I bought eons ago and accidentally turned "slightly pink" in the wash somehow (just bleached it this weekend and still pink. drat.) And oh yeah, my BFF Pam Garrison's version is not too shabby, either. And lookie at the free embroidery pattern she gave me! Is she the sweetest or WHAT?
that 2 hr delay went by FAST.


jenwcom said...

SOOZ! i love this post. i can feel the energy in your words! as soon as i read it i ran (uhm... clicked) straight over to the somerset mag to order myself one... then i thought... wait, i can go to B&N and get it today... then... no, it's raining and the wind is blistery and i'd have to get maddie out in it... BUT i HAVE to have it today b/c i'm working on my fabric page... and i need to be INSPIRED... crap. now what do i do?

jenwcom said...

and NOW i went to rebecca sower's blog and UGH... i HATE my fabric page NOW. i thought it was so ingenious until i saw her post.

jen said...

okay, i don't HATE it... just... it's not *there* yet.


Surely you must live near me. Seems like we have the same snow situation.
I saw you over at Pam G's blog.. Your post was above mine..and you had me cracking up..cause surely it's the markers!!! That's the same line of rationale I use. Funny thing is I too just recent started loving all things, pink,lacey and girlie...who knew?!!

Cynthia said...

Oh sooz. I can't read this anymore the inspired torture is killing me (not serious). I want to go!!!!! A new mag to read:) Thank you.