Saturday, January 10, 2009

Treats Two Days in a Row!! I'm Not Worthy!!!


Lookie lookie lookie what just arrived!! (thanks to Anna Maria Horner's holiday sale - 15% off studio stacks---my prezzie to me and Sirryha for stitching goodies for her room. And no worries--there is plenty extra for other prezzies through the for RAKs, my peeps!)

Seriously. Anna Maria Horner's new line- Good Folks - is due out THIS MONTH (where is it where is it where is it????) And I am still in love with the latest two (Garden Party and Drawing Room.) Planning to do lots of room and wall decor in Sirryha's room (in progress! big reveal when done!)
I can't stand it!! Opened my STUDIO SCRAPS bag and out popped a half dozen or so TRIANGLES (some already pieced together)....which I remembered from this post. And how perfectly SERENDIPITOUS is THAT because the project I plan to work on next for Little Miss's room is a fabric banner.....(inspired here and here)...and oh my let me hurry with my other projects that are OVERDUE so I can get to these, too!! xo


Sandy said...

oh, you lucky duck. i love fabric - i hoard it and never use it...(-:

here's some really good links for your blog, i meant to email them to you earlier....let me know if you want any help! (-"

Cameron said...

Beautiful! Wow, great colors and patterns. I seriously need to destash some fabric so I can get some new pretty stuff! :)