Sunday, January 04, 2009

WASSIMA Art Deck Journal Prompt {Week 29} Our First Guest Prompter!


Hey ladies! I am happy to bring you this week's prompt from our first "guest contributer"-- Stella! No card examples yet...but I will post both of ours as soon as they are done & scanned!
Happy New Year, all! I am behind in my blogging/emails--will catch up soon!

Stella's Prompt: "I was thinking about holiday traditions, old & new. Now that the rush and bustle is over, what things do you always do, what did you start as a new tradition this year?"


amy said...

wondered what happened since i hadn't seen a prompt in a while. yeah!!! i'll do next week if you want or the week after. whenever.

Aimee said...

hi sooz!

i miss you! i love the colors on your last card---FABBO.

i have given up on the crads-GASP- so Amy and Stella can do all my weeks

talk to you soon--

amy said...

sooz whatv was the prompt for week 27?

Jilliene Designs said...

Guest prompter - how cool is that! what fun!

amy said...

sooz an idea..first of all i will do this weeks prompt. also since you and i and sometimes stella are the only ones doing the challenge what do you think about just doing emily's instead of doing both?