Sunday, November 09, 2008

WASSIMA ART DECK {Week 21 Prompt!}

(edited 11/23/08 - here is my card. Still behind! This week's up soon! )

Sorry! Enjoying such a busy weekend I forgot it was MY TURN AGAIN! (Thanks for the nudge, Aimee!)

OK....still working on to follow...but the prompt is "COLOR ME..." (and you fill in the blank...can be an actual color or a feeling....mine is about the beautiful Fall palette of berry and blue shades for fashion....)

And so to bed! I am BEAT!


Sandy said...

hey sooz!! (-:

Jilliene Designs said...

Sooz - I love your header! Is it new? It is gorgeous and so is the picture of your street. What a peaceful neighborhood you live in! I love your gratitude lists! I smiled ear to ear while reading them.

Aimee said...

alright, my card is up.

love you