Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitude {20 Things, Take 13}

  1. Thankful we live close enough to David and Mikayla that we get to be there to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have cake together! (Thanks for waiting so patiently for us, guys!)
  2. Thankful for kids who say "please" and "thank you" and still call their friends' parents "Mr. and Mrs." (Such nice manners!)
  3. Thankful for my nieces' and nephews' friends who just call me "Aunt Susie/Susan." : )
  4. Thankful Rob and I managed to build the damn organizer thingie for my desk without resorting to homicide (why are the instructions so NON-helpful??)
  5. Thankful for hanging file folders in cheery colors (and 1/3 cut tabs that MATCH.)
  6. ...and time to ORGANIZE.
  7. ...and friends who "play along" with email recipe exchanges!
  8. ...and that Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma and Anthropologie and J Crew are in the same shopping strip. : )
  9. Thankful for SWIFFER dusters!
  10. ...and BIG recycling bins.
  11. ...and BOGO offers.
  12. ...and headbands.
  13. ...and Robert Kain and his 2 friends for creating ETSY (how about they offer craft classes at their offices in NY? let's go!)
  14. ...and finally finding out where the name ETSY came from! ("A magical nonsense word" inspired by Federico Fellini's 8 1/2, according to Kalin.)
  15. ...and free paint swatches.
  16. ...and that I have one of my Gram's journals where she kept entries from 1960 through 1996...everything from visits from friends and relatives to trips taken with Pap to births of her grandchildren and everyday happenings such as "Aug 8, 1960 - I went to Bev Wertz's to play 5.00 poverty poker. Lost $.40. Fern Reardon's husband brought me home." (Gram didn't drive.) And "Mar 26, 1966 - Frank & Dottie came home to tell me they got engaged." (They married that November. Happy Anniversary Uncle Frank and Aunt Dot!)
  17. So thankful for family history records!
  18. ...and legible handwriting!
  19. ...and my sister Jackie's great memory for EVERYONE's birthdates.
  20. ...and a fresh system to record dates and events -- "Journal 10+" books.

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