Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratitude {20 Things, Takes 7, 8, 9 and 10}

Four days behind means I will never catch up if I don't just do a MEGA post and start fresh again with the "daily 20" tomorrow! So here are my lists from Sunday through Wednesday---all merged together (in no particular order!)

Thankful for:
  1. A wonderful brunch at Lynne & Lar's to finish off Landon's bar mitzvah celebration. xo

  2. Rob getting some good one on one time with his nephews and cousin on Sunday.

  3. Planning Thanksgiving dinner with the Cohens!

  4. Tickets to a show in NYC the Wed before Thanksgiving - a new Gilman/Cohen tradition!

  5. Daily trips to the cafeteria at work with my peeps for coffee/breakfast sandwiches.

  6. Hearing Sirryha say "da da da" (sometimes even on command!)

  7. Sirryha's hugs and kisses and giggles.

  8. Remembering how much I love having NO CAR PAYMENT when I start daydreaming about driving a MINI or a BUG!
  9. When Rob makes me iced coffee exactly the way I like it. Every time. xo
  10. Good news from my Aunt about my Uncle's health following his hip surgery. xo
  11. 30% off magazines at Sam's Club (picked up Home Companion and Quilts and More.)
  12. Amy Butler's free pattern downloads on her website (including items shown in ME's Home Companion holiday issue!)

  13. My own copy of Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me book.

  14. REALLY GOOD photography.

  15. APRONS being in vogue!

  16. The new blues/purples/berry shades for fall (nail polish and clothing!)

  17. Kal Barteski's Tiny Art & "Bullet-Proof Positive Attitude" inspiration.

  18. J in the IT department at work for talking me down from the ledge when my email threshold was at MAX and I couldn't send emails until I archived....which she helped me do on the phone in less than 10 minutes. Thank you. Sorry I am so impatient!

  19. Having Sirryha with us for dinner/the evening three weeknights in a row!

  20. Bathtime with Sirryha - among the top ten most wonderous routines in a baby's life, no?

  21. Sirryha dancing and humming along to my renditions of "Rubber Duckie" and "I Love Trash" after the bath as we get her into her jammies (even tho' we all know my singing is nothing to be thankful for!)

  22. Another cute photo (thanks, Kel!) to add to Sirryha's "All about duckies" picture book.

  23. Lots of Barnes & Nobel coupons lately.

  24. Funs chats lately with my jr high school friend Marilyn!

  25. Connecting with 3 old school friends this month.

  26. Leftover White Chicken Ranch pizza for dinner when I did NOT feel like cooking!

  27. Stacks of new fabrics waiting for me to CLEAR THE TABLE off so I can SEW SOME THINGS again : )

  28. The sign I saw the other day that read "Both of us can't look good! It's me or the house!" hee
  29. Crockpots & and one-dish/pot meals!
  30. People who answer me when I pull up next to them and ask them to translate their vanity license plates for me (otherwise it will make me CRAZY all day trying to figure it out!)
  31. James Taylor released an album this year! (Covers)
  32. Spending a day at the Outlets with Jackie & Mikayla. : )
  33. Martha Stewart's "Good Things" (first section I read when I open MS Living.)
  34. TXT messages! Have I already mentioned TEXTING? Love it...especially when my nieces and nephews "ping*" their old auntie! xo
  35. *Learning new NetLingo (Thanks, Paul!)
  36. The lessons and rewards of Giving.
  37. Serendipity.
  38. Rob's patience. xo
  39. The reusable shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles (esp. Ikea's and Whole Foods'.)
  40. Form AND function.
  41. BFFs Tracy & Kelly who always have GUM at work when I don't! xo
  42. Curt (Art Director at work) for saving me graphic design/art/type brochures/books solicitations he recieves in the mail.
  43. Pick of the Week itunes freebies at Starbucks!
  44. Having a hubby who NEVER nags me about my crafty messes/piles EVERYWHERE.xo
  45. Validation when it is MOST needed.
  46. New FLAIR from my peeps (I can't help it...I LOVE IT that much!)
  47. The TWILIGHT movie is only 8 days away!
  48. Pals going to the MIDNIGHT SHOWING of TWILIGHT with me!
  49. Tom reading the Twilight series to humor me.
  50. BFF Brian for getting my perverse sense of humor.
  51. BFF Gene for being my "twin from another mother."
  52. Having GUYS & GIRLS for BFFs!
  53. New fonts to play with.
  54. Embracing the concept of RUTHLESS EDITING in relation to "too much stuff."
  55. Knowing item 52 is a work in progress --and that's ok.
  56. Crossing off items on my mega 'to-do' list.
  57. "Two pieces of paper" letters from/to Rob xoxo
  58. When my nieces and nephews talk about/remind us "it's our tradition!"
  59. David's great advice about bath toys/games for Sirryha. (ohhh that is a whole journal entry! that boy's mind is MAGIC!)
  60. Kids who share.
  61. Forgiveness.
  62. Guardian angels.
  63. Sirryha and Rob loving Honeycrisp apples!
  64. Opportunities to "pay it forward."
  65. Having the perfect colors for my Fall pedicures. (OPI's Siberian Nights, this week!)
  66. Risks resulting in Rewards.
  67. Fortune cookie fortunes coming true!
  68. Leaders who listen to ALL sides -- not just their "YES MEN/WOMEN."
  69. Compassion.
  70. Acceptance vs Tolerance. (Think about it--there is a difference!)
  71. Recognizing Emotional Intelligence.
  72. Finding a stash of candles in the spicy scents of the season - cinnamon, clove, sage....
  73. A weekend ahead with no particular place we have to be on the schedule (so far!)
  74. Rob always there to remind me not to sweat the small stuff.
  75. Perspective.
  76. Clarity.
  77. Focus (when it happens! Wish it lasted longer! hee - I am the "easily distracted queen!")
  78. Rob promising to take the two bags of clothes to Goodwill (they've been sitting in the bedroom for oh-too-long-to-admit!)
  79. Indoor plumbing. seriously.
  80. Fresh starts.

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