Friday, November 14, 2008

Gratititude {20 Things, Take 12)

Friday's List of things I am THANKFUL FOR:

  1. Noticing that the lavendar in our front yard is spreading into the ugly jaggy bushes I never liked...and having my MASTER GARDENER SISTER Lisa tell me we could INDEED replace the jaggers with ALL LAVENDAR! sweet!

  2. Luxurious the deliciously-aromatic (almond & shea butter) bar of handmade soap I bought at the Craft Fair at my office today.

  3. ...and this treasure:

  4. Sirryha played pat-a-cake and eensy-weensy-spider with me again tonight (we haven't done that in a while! Love her little FINGERS doing all the motions.)

  5. Singing all the Sesame Street songs with Rob and Sirryha after dinner tonight. She hums and dances along. We LOVE THAT!

  6. Sirryha's squeals of delight when she turns off the light-switches after bathtime (first the bedroom, then the bathroom, then the hallway as we make our way back downstairs.)

  7. My giddiness when tonight Sirryha actually turned off the switches herself! (We had been helping her of course...but she has the hang of it now!)

  8. The simple things. : )

  9. Baby peas -- a veggie Sirryha will eat!

  10. My mom's "invention" (yuh-huh! she did so invent it!) of cinnamon-sugar toast as comfort food (and having it as a trick up my sleeve to serve Rob and Sirryha when needed!)

  11. This picture of me and Mikayla from our shopping day on Tuesday (for our BOOK, Mikay! Plus the NEDLEY book!)
  12. WORDART.
  16. Real Time with Bill Maher (especially "New Rules" - brilliantly funny.)
  17. Wooden hangers in our coat closet.
  18. Our front loading washing machine. (After 7 yrs, I am still amazed how it runs SILENTLY!)
  19. Sirryha's koala bear snuggles, fresh out of the tubby, wrapped in a warm towel. xo
  20. Quality HAIR PRODUCTS!

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Aimee said...

that pic of you is sooooo lovely.. you look like a fairy princess goddess.