Friday, November 07, 2008

Gratititude {20 Things, Take 5}

"T" is for Thankful, Here are 20 more things I am grateful for, starting with some "T's":

  1. TRACY - a total gift into my world a year or so ago - a wonderful BFF! love you!
  2. THANKSGIVING is just around the corner! My favorite family holiday!
  3. TARGET - the nice pharmacy people who are helpful with our questions and getting our rx's when the insurance people don't agree with our docs.
  4. TEAMWORK - having a work project with my BFF Kelly!
  5. TALENT - being attentive to the "best of" in people, and learning from their skills.
  6. My TROLL BEADS bracelet! (Aimee, did you see the new beads for Christmas? Oh my....)
  7. Three hours in Steinmart yielded two black skirts to choose from for Landon's bar mitzvah tomorrow (so tired of my other black skirts!)
  8. Another Steinmart steal of a deal: a deep purple (don't make that face, Sandy! It's pretty not pukey!) corduroy jacket ...I want to go back for one in every color (sadly, they only had one other color that I noticed. Hope it is still there in my size!)
  9. Thankful that NUTS are good brain food (especially when covered with dark chocolate, right? Thank you again, Steinmart for selling Godiva chocolates - and oh how thoughtful that you place them right there on the counter at the register!)
  10. Thankful for Rob's cousin offering hand-me-downs for Miss Sirryha (can't wait for the cold weather to really get here to wear all these fabulous sweaters on her!) Thank you David, Jill and Raya! It was like Cinderella getting a whole WARDROBE from her fairy godmother (as opposed to that one impractical ball gown that freakin' evaporated at midnight!)
  11. AC MOORE's REWARDS CARD! (Come on Michael's - get with the program!)
  12. TWITTER because it makes me feel like STELLLAAA! isn't really living on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD now (seriously--why did I not realize ARIZONA is almost CALIFORNIA?!! my geography skills SUCK.)
  13. FINALLY having the perfect inspiration for my nephew's bar mitzvah card (yes, as a matter of fact, I DO need to make them. And that is why cards from me are always late. It's worth it people.)
  14. Rob's memory for dates and names when mine fails me.
  15. Extra burst of energy tonight just when I needed it most!
  16. My wrists stopped hurting (I will not get carpal tunnel...I will not get carpal tunnel...say it with me, people!)
  17. The Acupuncturist helping the BoHo family bring their baby boy along into the world. (I, too, am sending positive thoughts your way....)
  18. Thankful that Rob liked the two ties I brought home for him to chose from for tomorrow and that he didn't insist I return the PINK ONE! (Oh he's not wearing it tomorrow--but I think it will make for a great father/daughter portrait!)
  19. My new 2009 calendar refill for my Daytimer - the ink on the pages is grays and pink ("Pink Ribbon"). Pretty and soothing to my eyes. Love the design.
  20. I made it through to Landy's bar mitzvah without breaking a nail - for once they are all the same length when I need them to be "pretty pretty princess!"


Cameron said...

You cracked me right up with the Steinmart Godiva placement! :P

What are you talking about ACMoore rewards? I shop there all the time and I don't know anything about this! As a matter of fact I'm going there today and I'm gonna ask.

Should I get you a map for Christmas? Ha ha, yes, Arizona is the other side of the world! ;)

This whole post cracked me up and made me miss you! :)

Stella said...

dood. sometimes i don't even realize that AZ is on the other side of the world. thank god for twitter, gmail, IM, and facebook. It makes things just a wee bit better.