Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gratitude {20 Things, Take 4}

20 More Things I am Thankful For Today:

  1. (get your free OBAMA sticker designed by Shepard Fairey here.)
  2. Rob taping the Oprah "Post Election Special" and watching it again with me.
  3. Rob taping the Ellen show with CHER! (is this a trend? hee.)
  4. Coming home to a clean kitchen (thanks, honey!)
  5. Rob making dinner for me when I worked late last night. xo
  6. Cynthia's dad for saying just the right thing in response to a coworker's racist comment - then walking away. Dignity and grace.
  7. Gloria Steinem and this opinion piece for articulating it so clearly and graciously.
  8. Emails from classmates from high school I haven't heard from in years!
  10. Plans for a shopping day with Mikayla and Jackie!
  11. Our fridge with the ice and water dispensers in the door (never had that 'til we moved into our townhouse in 2001 - still feels like a luxury to me!)
  12. Rob pausing the show we were watching to tell me something funny that he wasn't sure he had told me the night before (he hadn't!)
  13. DVR! DVR! DVR! (I wish I had it at the MOVIES 'cause I hate when I miss a part of the dialogue!)
  14. Recently discovering "Mothering" magazine's website.
  15. And this one: "Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers."
  16. My dear friend J for listening so patiently to an update on recent highs and lows of my stepmother situation and reassuringly repeating "you are doing the right thing, don't walk away, don't walk away." Thank you. Thank you.
  17. My cousin JoJo's advice to "Stick to those who raise you up, not tear you down. They are your true family."
  18. The volunteers in my neighborhood who organize the Thanksgiving food drive (dropping off shopping bags at our door--we just fill them and return them and they do all the rest.)
  19. Paying to wear JEANS all month at work as a United Way fundraiser! Win/Win!

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Cameron said...

GREAT LIST!!! Love it love it. Love the advice that you've received, love the things you're grateful for... I'm still in love with our icemaker/water dispenser on our fridge, too! :) It even makes CRUSHED ice, wooo hoo! :) I really want to know what Cynthia's father said and I really want to know where to find the stickers on that site 'cause I can't find them!! :) Happy Friday my dear, dear friend!! :)