Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gratitude {20 Things, Take 3}


edited: it is!

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Rainy nights that wash the bird doo-doo off my car windshield when I am out of wiper fluid!
  2. Packages in the mail!
  3. This family & the excitement of Landon's Bar Mitzvah coming up Saturday! (Love you guys!xoxoxo):
  4. My sis- & brother-in-law Lynne & Lar for always including me in the fun bits (and sending me the early proofs of their photo shoot above because they know how IMPATIENT I am! Thanks guys! love you!) [Those in the Philadelphia area needing a great photographer--go HERE: CASUAL CANDIDS - amazing work]
  5. My sister Kristin for playing school with me and teaching me to read before I was in kindergarten, and inventing the "let's pick our favorites" catalog game (more on that later!)
  6. My sister Lisa the Master Gardener (impressive, right?!?), for always knowing the answers to my gardening/composting/plants/flowers/trees/chickens questions.
  7. Finding new "green living" ideas I can incorporate into my life. (Composting on my deck!)
  8. My sister Jackie for always bringing me a water for our car rides, always sharing dinners and goodies she makes, and never complaining that we take forEVER to return her Gladware! (Seriously--I forgive you for ripping my Sonny&Cher poster! hee!)
  9. My baby sister Niki for being my crafting partner and giving me so many good memories and great experience in taking care of babies/kids. (Wish we could go back to being 4 and 11 for a few days so we could read Thumbelina together and I could wash your hair for you! xoxo)
  10. All my sisters for getting my goofy humor (usually!); for keeping the FUN in family dysFUNction; and for being such great examples as PARENTS, especially now when I need the lessons most (as a new stepmother!)
  11. My mom for her soothing cool hand on fevered foreheads (I always felt better when she said "you are fine" - the magic of mom's power of suggestion!)
  12. My memory of my dad's HUGE laugh.
  13. Familytree Maker for having a place to organize all my memories and facts of our very big families (now if only I had the TIME to work on it!)
  14. My WASSIMA tribe of artful, inspiring ladies - and another new project (fabric circle journal!) to work on!! weeee! Thanks STELLA, for starting this one!
  15. My niece Mikayla's skill as organizing and planning and keeping us on track for our playdates! (can't wait for next Tuesday!) xo
  16. My nephew Burke for being PATIENT with my slowness in getting my old cell phone in the mail to him (I should just SEND IT and find the packaging bits/book that goes with it LATER!) Can't wait to TEXT with you again! xoxo
  17. The term "my tribe" to refer to the various groups of people in our lives that we cherish, love, and feel such soothing support from!
  18. Emails from my talented cousin Brooke with pictures of her work from ART SCHOOL!
  19. Having so many friends that accept my "cactus friend" behaviors (infrequent watering - but doesn't mean I have forgotten or love you less!) - I will do better at staying in touch, I promise I am trying!
  20. Looking over this list and knowing how lucky I am to have so many PEOPLE in my life to be thankful for, that I need a list longer than 20 items to capture them all!! Stay tuned!

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Cameron said...

Ha ha, it's a great photo! :) Can't wait to see your list!