Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gratitude {20 Things, Take 6}*

*Subtitled: "The One About Landon's Bar Mitzvah!"

Landon, minutes before leaving for his Bar Mitzvah service and party. Cool as a cucumber!
Ok...those who know me well know I am a one of those "oh I cry at Hallmark commercials" types...and this was no exception. Bawled my EYES out watching Landon during the service....It was so emotional and touching and beautiful. So proud of him!
So much to be thankful for on this day:

  1. It went so perfectly...the few hiccups were not worthy of a second's worry. Lar & Lynne - you would be excellent party planners if you ever decide to change careers!

  2. The limo driver who didn't roll his eyes when we knocked on the privacy window and asked "excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" Nice guy. I love a good sport!

  3. I remembered to take some shots of NEDLEY!

  4. The rain stopped while we were having our photos taken outside!

  5. My new Colossal Volume Maybelline mascara didn't RUN!

  6. Even tho' everyone hates the camera---I am always thankful when I INSIST because every once in a while, the reward is shots like THIS: (Ethy--hope you like this one 'cause I am posting it all over Facebook! hee! And Lyndee--told you your hair was fab!)

  7. And this one:

  8. And a bunch more that I just CANNOT GET TO LOAD PROPERLY (sorry!)

  9. And the FRESH FLOWERS that looked amazing ALL NIGHT.

  10. And that grandmothers always have Kleenex in their purses (thanks, Gloria. I knew I'd forget to bring some!)

  11. The photographer who didn't kick me to the curb when I "backseat-photo-styled" her shots (I know that is horrid of me, but why don't they tell you to straighten your necklace, move that comma-curl of hair away from your eye, smooth your tie into place; get the glow-worm green gum out of your mouth!?)

  12. Caricature artists who make me look on paper the way I think I look in my mind! ...and...

  13. ...true friends who play along with responses of "oh yes! It totally looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU! I always wondered if you had ever been a Playboy Bunny!" (hee)

  14. My LAST PAIR of sheer black hose lasted the entire evening without that pinpoint snag turning into a GAPING HOLE.

  15. More FLAIR buttons : ) (Love the colors. Love this campaign. Love that you chose Breast Cancer Awareness as your mitzvah project, Landon. xo)

  16. Thankful that Rob practiced the Aliyah (blessing) with me over and over again in the car on the way to the service!

  17. Thankful for time spent with older members of our families - especially when I learn some interesting or heart-warming fact about our families' history(ies).

  18. Thankful that EVERYONE DANCED ALL NIGHT at the party. I so admire good dancers but I love to watch "the average guys & gals" just going for it! So much fun.

  19. Thankful for the bartender who went out of his way to make me a Shirley Temple (rather than have me walk over to the "kid's beverage station" even though I told him I would! (Instead I was chatting away with someone and the next thing I knew there was my drink! Nice guy!)

  20. So very thankful for the ten years this wonderful young man has been in my life....and that I will be here to watch his future unfold. Love you Landon. Mazel Tov!


Cameron said...

What a handsome boy he is! Sounds like a fantastic party for a great kid. :) I'm so glad you're doing the Gratitude Project! :)

Aimee said...

wow--- great pics- great family- it is so clear that you are so close and so much a part of each other's lives. it truly makes me smile.

p.s. i have always thought you look like a playboy bunny :)