Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratitude {20 Things, Take 11}

  1. I was able to retrieve some favorite pics from my old cell phone that I thought were gone for good!
  2. Rob, NYC, New Year's Eve 2005. xo

  3. Realizing how much BETTER the quality of the pics from my NEW cell phone are compared to my Samsung (sorry Burkie!)

  4. Memory card for my cell phone was on sales at Verizon! weee! (no more lost photos!)

  5. STEEELLLLAAAAAAAA! is going to be in town over the Thanksgiving weekend!

  6. THIS girl who shares her papers and projects so generously with me! I am SO going to do the BLUEPRINT GUIDE in my SKINNY BOOK! Miss you, Cynthia!

  7. The paper organizer I bought EONS ago at Sam's club and never built (a-hem, darling?) has made it's way back upstairs where Rob and I will trip over it until we finally bust it open and BUILD IT.

  8. Gilman cousins are joining us for Thanksgiving dinner!

  9. 13 days 'til we will be in NYC again!

  10. The anticipation of more great Cohen/Gilman family portraits from Landon's Bar Mitzvah.

  11. RAKs

  12. Recipes written in my mom's, grandmother's, sister's, cousin's, aunt's handwriting. xo

  13. SASEs

  14. Online banking!

  15. Home Companion magazine listed the COLOR. OF.THE.PAINT.IN.AMY .BUTLER's. HOUSE in the "getting the goods" guide!! (Glidden Aqua Tint/90 GG 74/108 and Seawall /SR 707 Vaspar--Signature Colors Seaside Retreat...holy CRAP I am going to hit Lowes and Home Depot and snag up THOSE paint chips!)

  17. Sweet emails from my baby sister! (Thanks, LaLa!)
  18. Funny stories my sisters share with us about things their children say and do...oh we should write a BOOK! hee
  19. Uncle Frank keeping me informed about health issues of interest to me (diabetes, vaccines, etc.) xo
  20. Free time to catch my breathe again.

  21. Hugs and holding hands.

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Sandy said... and your lists - i would get a migraine. (-: that's why you are just a better person than i. xo