Monday, November 03, 2008

Gratitude Time {20 Things, Take One}

Joining my INSPIRED peeps Stella and Cameron and Heather and Jen and Jilliene to blog about things I am grateful for (some are doing a list of 20 things each day for a week...some are doing a list every day 'til Thanksgiving. I will see how far I can get!)
So...let's see....I have plenty to be thankful for--here are 20 random things in no particular order:
  1. A package in the mail waiting for me on the porch when I returned home from work today! (Thanks, Aimee, for starting the NEDLEY THE GNOME game! weee!)
  2. A new haircut that I LIKE and can DO. (No more witch hair!)
  3. Lots of great creative inspiration from my blogging pals (Inspired girls, WASSIMA girls, Technicolor Postcards Leading Ladies, SISTV sisters....the list goes on!)
  4. A gas fireplace we can light at the flick of a switch (and turn off again as easily!) Nothing like the first fire of the season.
  5. A BUNCH of nieces and nephews who bring so much life and laughter and always something new to learn to our lives.
  6. Sisters and their spouses who share their above-mentioned offspring with us!
  7. Girls' weekends with Auntie Doris --- especially the Apple Harvest Festival in October.
  8. Letter writers!
  9. My HP Photo Printer that helps me be a more productive scrapper/journaler (rather than the "supply collector" I tend to be!)
  10. Crockpot dinners that we make on Sunday and eat for three days!
  11. Hanging with Sirryha and Rob all weekend with no particular plans.
  12. The magic that brought these people together. I don't know Boho Girl personally--but I came across her blog a long time ago and am so happy that she is going to be a mom ANY MINUTE NOW!
  13. Rob always remembering to turn the porch light on for me when he gets home first. : )
  14. A pile of good books to read and share.
  15. Anthropologie's simple return policy and full refund for a purse that "broke."
  16. Anthropologie's CLEARANCE section (which means I can actually sometimes do more than window shop there!)
  17. COLDPLAY concert with Ethy and Rob on Saturday night.
  18. iTunes and PLAYLISTS and and easy access to SET LISTS (to make the PLAYLIST of the aforementioned Coldplay concert!)
  19. BFFs who "get me" and support me, always, in all ways.
  20. The gift of the non-judgemental people in our lives (who remind me that choosing to be kind rather than right is always the perfect choice.)


Aimee said...

i liked reading that. it made me smile.

Cameron said...

Oh, Sooz, I LOVE your list!!! I'm so glad you're "playing along"!! I've been thinking about you lots lately, you've been quiet on WASSIMA and I've missed you... I hope you are well, just busy! :)