Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation All I Ever Wanted, Staycation, All I Ever Needed!

uh - how about I have been singing the WRONG LYRICS all these years to this song (in my head....likely I can follow along just fine if the song is actually PLAYING!) The "All I ever needed" line is incorrect. I would so embarrass myself in front of Wayne Brady if I ever made it onto "Don't Forget The Lyrics!" Guess I should cross that off my "100 things to do before I die" list.
HOW MUCH DID I LOVE THE GO-GO's back in the day? Yeah. Not ashamed to admit it. (Do they still print Tiger Beat magazine?)

OK - SERIOUS BUSINESS NOW! Official DAY ONE of my Vacation/Staycation!! woohooo!!! Little Miss has arrived bright and early (and she did not stay awake on the ride over so I guess naptime is EARLY today! Couldn't you just watch kids sleep for hours? Gorgeous.)

Last night I started my STAYCATION BOOK! (oh yeah. ANY excuse to play with paper and MonoAdhesive.) Made an official journal/travellog/scrapbook WITH ONLY STUFF FROM MY STASH! Photos below! weeee!!! so loving it!

Started with just a gorgeous piece of Daisy D's cardstock for the cover....some corrogated cardboard I had laying around....and two binder rings. Started cutting papers and making pages. Masking tape (how do I love thee???) and sticker and rub-on letters... STAYED UP TIL 4:30 playing (it's sick, I know! Should NOT have had a SBUX at 7 pm!) Last night's page? Titled "Staycation Eve." I amuse myself! (or it could be that hysteria is settling in due to sleep deprivation.) BUT IT IS MY VACATION! I CAN STAY UP AS LONG AS I WANT!

I used only papers and bits that pleased my eye. Labeled pages with VERBS to indicate all my STAYCATION PLANS. "DO" "SEE" "PLAY" "SEW" "BE" "WRITE" "GIVE" - guess you could say I decorated myself a nice little vacation house for my LISTS for my STAYCATION week. (Are you sick of the word "STAYCATION" yet? OK I will stop. maybe.)

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUTS to my sister Niki (yesterday) and Brother-in-law Lar (today!) Can't wait to see you both and celebrate properly! (and you, too, Max! xoxoxox)Swirls!


Cameron said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I LOVE IT!!!! Oh, love that Daisy D's paper, love that you used masking tape, love that your work table looks like mine with everything in a big pile that you have to dig through while thinking, "dangit, I JUST had that..."!!! I want to come hang out with you on your staycation! :(

cynthia said...

I second miss Cameron:) And you know what a awesome surprise all the posts. My inspired girls have saved me so much money:) I buy less mag's:)who needs when you have your blog buddies:) I adore your staycation book:) and that cover:) Loving it. PS So adore the go go 's.