Friday, August 08, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday! {#1}

Ok Stella and Cameron---I am not nearly the photo-tog you two ladies are....but I wanna play!!
(also great motivation to TAKE MORE PHOTOS. Sheesh. I really don't take enough VARIETY)

So here is a little share for you. Lunch at CAKE with the fabulous STELLLA!!! Delish. Lovely field greens salad and a hummus/pita/pizza. I've been making my own version of it since having it for lunch a few weeks ago now...Rob loves it and that makes the wifey in me very happy! (recipe below!)

(PS - how much do you love the rustic wood table? And the individual bottle of Lorina sparkling pink lemonade? Oh my life should be this good everyday! Except without the balled up straw wrapper ruining this beautiful foodie-shot! Oh--and that one stray chunk of feta on the plate. See what I mean about not being that GOOD at this photography stuff?)
Back to the recipe......
My Version of the Lemon/Garlic Hummus Pita Pizza
Roasted red pepper (did you know you can do this right on the burner of your gas oven? Cut your pepper in half, remove membrane and seeds; lay skin-side down on burner, turn flame on and roast til pepper skin blackens/scorches and pepper softens to desired consistency --use metal tongs to turn (like toasting a marshmallow over an open flame).
Steamed spinach - squeezed dry (cool or room temp is fine)
Feta cheese
black or calamata olives (optional)
Blend up a batch of Emeril's hummus
Spread a heaping serving onto a Pita or Naan bread
Top with spinach
Slice the red pepper and olives and sprinkle over spinach
Sprinkle feta on top
Cut into wedges and ENJOY!


cynthia said...

yummy yummy the table and the food:)I am glad I am back:) and more glad there was this delious post waiting:)I am so gonna try this recipe.

Cameron said...

WOOP WOOP!!!!! So glad you joined us! Can't wait to link back to you next week!

And the recipe looks yummy!!! (and as for the "oops"s in the photo... that's what Photoshop is for, ha ha! :)

Tammy said...

Mmmm. That looks so good. Now, how to get the husband to eat it.