Monday, August 25, 2008

Miss Mikayla Models "The Mermaid"

How much cuter does this girl look in this apron than I do? She could wear it as a SKIRT!

I am insisting she donn it while we scrapbook her dance pages and our new project - "Mikayla's shopping bag book" - a little something we came up with to pay homage to her love for shopping and put her "shopping bag collection" to good use.
(Mikayla came up with the idea to spell out her name using letters cut from her favorite stores' shopping bags. We will make a scrapper out of her yet!)


Mikayla said...

nfacqUGH....why did I have to eat that nut cone and stain that shirt?!?!?! Can we do a re-take on that?!
your favorite neice----

Mikayla said...

disreguard the first 5 letters on that comment!!!