Sunday, August 10, 2008

I wanna be a DESIGN TEAM girl!! Don't you?

Big BIG props to my seriously-talented and artsy friend CYNTHIA of Technicolor Postcards for throwing her hat into the ring of CRAFTING KITS to be offered on her ETSY SHOP.

Cynthia is promising "five paper designs and one custom rub-on. The kit will feature Technicolor Postcard designs with some other wonderful manufacturers and of course some handpicked vintage embellishments. And a little more. I am gonna do one add-on. This will be designed by my debut guest designer."

Weeeee!! I cannot wait (and yes, I submitted as a Design Team candidate. I will keep you posted!)

If you haven't already, check out Cynthia's blog and you will find yourself enthralled with her uber-cool sense of style and design sensibilities. I met Cynthia at Inspired in April (thanks, Aimee , for introducing us!) and fast became a loyal follower of her blog. (My only complaint is she doesn't post often enough! Yes I admit to being a total blog stalker....but you know how impatient I am for my fixes!)

Here's to FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS and your muse and living a creative life! I am so excited for you, Cynthia!


amy said...

what a COOL question!! I love it. and i agree completely with everything you said about cindy!!

cynthia said...

Omgosh thank you. You made me cry:) I am so honored by your write-up. I promise I will post more:)
I loooooooooooooove the new blog banner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should be! You are the most creative person I know---I tell people you can do everything and you took all the creative energy out of the womb=leaving me clutzy-I hope you get picked!

Mikayla said...

you definitely need to be on this Design team!! You are the most creative aunt :) you would be soooo good at this!!
love from your fav niece!!

Aimee said...

hey there- you ROCK- you INSPIRE- you are my creative muse...

I put up week 7 for the little game that the 3 and a half of us are playing.