Thursday, August 14, 2008


so much to catch up on.....American Idol concert last night (yeah--I was THAT CLOSE to him!)....Cynthia's big reveal today....funny CraftNight mishap tonight....

...but I am so dang tired after three late nights in a row I have got t o get to bed!

I leave you with my pretty, pretty, pretty and so charming and sweet JASON CASTRO!

DAMN I wish I would have felt those DREADS!!


jenwcom said...

look at those eyelashes! wow. i don't think i'll get that close but i'm going monday night to see the tour. i am so excited.

how was it?? what songs did they sing?

Anonymous said...

hey! I think I deserve a little credit for practically dedicating a shrine to Jason on your camera haha! Post more cause I don't have the one of Brooke smiling and you should post about our awesome tee shirts!!!!!

your favorite niece,