Thursday, August 28, 2008

Layouts for Looksies!

So inspired by Cynthia and the Leading Ladies that I have been getting some pages done & posting things on SIStv! SO ITCHING TO GET MY HANDS ON THE KIT!! In the are some scrappies.

I am noticing my favorite "style" right now is more art/journal-y than "clean scrapbooking" - and I really am loving it. SO LOVE the doodling and all these SHARPIES and WRITING ON THE PHOTOS and FAUXLAROIDS and just messing around with all my stash. Sometimes it is just about the PLAY. I think what had kept me from getting more layouts done was that I didn't have a story ready to tell or the perfect journaling figured out or all the "gotta haves" that trip us up and keep us from JUST DOING IT. So I decided to JUST FORGET ABOUT the self-imposed rules and do it for FUN for a bit. I still will document the stories that need to be recorded....but there is plenty of room in my EMPTY BOOKS for these kinds, too.

And that is making me happy.


Sandy said...

oh yes...aren't fauxlaroids the BEST! i'm in a bit of a transition too it think....i'm so jealous of those people who just 'get it' the first time they pick up that paper and glue. i looove you new pages!!! and like you i'm DYING to get my hands on that kit - i {heart} cynthia, i just know that kit is going to be killer!!!

Aimee said...

yes, really, really cool----love that shot of you---my, my your gorgeous eyes just POP in that pic.

AWESOME work- i am feeling it.

Cameron said...

Oh, Sooz, these are amazing! I can't get over that doodling! You are inspiring me to try something new, too! And I am sooooo with you on the Why not use it up and wear it out! For Pete's sake I need to tattoo that on me somewhere, I am such a hoarder! :) GREAT PAGES, Lady! :)

cynthia said...

Sooz! AWesome! AWesome! Awesome! Loving it and that doodling:) And I am so loving that pic of you:)