Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here She Is!! Miss Tiny Art Lady has Arrived!

Wow. My very own Kal Barteski Custom Tiny Art Lady! (Be kind, remember, the camera adds 25 pounds....har-dee-har-har.)

Seriously. How cool is this? Just arrived in the mail today!!

Now how on earth do I display her? I am afraid to SCRATCH it. hmmmm....I am thinking a clear frame -- no mat-maybe just those simple two pieces of glass clipped together things? Anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks again, lovey. She ranks up there with the best presents ever : ) {smooch}


Tammy said...

I wanted to say thanks so much for supporting breast feeding. I was not one of those fortunate women that it comes naturally too. However, I pursevered and found a way. I am so glad for those memories and those private times with my kids.

Aimee said...

In the Creating Keepsakes this month, they have a picture displayed behing an Acrylic block- like a stamp block and it looks uber cool--- maybe you could get a piece of acrylic at Home Depot that would fit and go from there...


cynthia said...

yea the tiny art lady:) Oh what beautiful words. it is so lovely and so fitting. I feel so blessed to have you as a friend:) I second amiees idea about a piece of acrylic. And she must be proudly on display:)